Soilwork Songs Ranked

Soilwork is a Swedish melodic death metal band from Helsingborg. They are signed to Nuclear Blast. Formed in late 1995 by Björn Strid and Peter Wichers, originally under the name Inferior Breed, the band changed their name in late 1996 to Soilwork (meaning “working from the ground up”). The band was formed in late 1995, originally under the name Inferior Breed. Their sound, as explained by “Speed” was influenced by such bands as Pantera, Meshuggah, and Carcass. Upon changing their band name in late 1996 to Soilwork, they began to make more melodic music. Here are all of Soilwork’s songs ranked.

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10. Enter Dog of Pavlov (The Panic Broadcast, 2010)

“This song is fucking epic, love the intro and continued to love the song tell the very last vocal and note as for the meaning of the song, its seems like to me he is talking about being a addicted to something, maybe a drug or a person, but the thing is he is trying to relive himself of this drug or person or whatever but continues to find himself using it again.”

9. Long Live the Misanthrope (The Living Infinite, 2013)

“My favorite song on this album, The Living Infinite. I think the lyrics are about someone who is sick of being an outcast cause of how they are perceived by the world. Someone who has gradually experienced a metamorphosis into this very hateful dark being due to the inability for others to embrace them as they are. “

8. Distance (Stabbing the Drama, 2005)

“I really like the post about it being drug related.. it does seem to make a lot of sense. Before coming to this website, I felt it was about religion. The narrator doesn’t understand how everyone can see religion in such a different light than he does, and wants people to take a step back and look it things with logic.”

Stabbing the Drama - Album by Soilwork | Spotify

7. The Crestfallen (Stabbing the Drama, 2005)

“I guess it’s about persons who spend their life in depressions. Always in the search for the reasons why you are like you are, digging deep into your soul to find answers, but they will never come. Sounds to me like Strid (the lyrics are from him) was once a very depressed person who learned to accept his own personality and started to concentrate on the things that really matter to go on with his life.”

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6. Cranking the Sirens (Figure Number Five, 2003)

“It’s most like depression in general. He’s depress, he thinks of suicide but he try to find out a remedy into his life. He fell into drug or something that cause addiction seeing it as a remedy. So this man is diying inside but he won’t show his problem to others”

5. Song of the Damned (Natural Born Chaos, 2002)

“This song is so beautiful and explosive in the most perfect combination ever, it just flows together. the intro blows me away every time I hear it. very poetic lyrics too..”

Natural Born Chaos - Album by Soilwork | Spotify

4. Distortion Sleep (Figure Number Five, 2003)

“This song is so intense! I love it. The chorus is just so beautiful. I can’t extract an exact meaning out of this one but it sure is a sweet song.”

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3. Rejection Role (Figure Number Five, 2003)

“Not Soilwork’s hardest song ever but I love the lyrics.. I think they describe a breakup.. the title gives it away I think.. and the lyrics describe it.. anger, loneliness.. just waiting for “something” to come out of “nothing” that is left behind”

2. Overload (Figure Number Five, 2003)

“This song is basically about the faults of the world, and how there are so many things to love in this world however there are also so many evil things that no one will ever forget. It is also about the effects of a relationship, and how no matter how many chances you can give someone you can keep making the same mistake over and over again. This song is about how fate is inexistent but everything happens for a reason. You are the people you are, and no matter how many mistakes you make in your life. You will always learn from them. The innocence of pleading guilty that you are wrong in what you have done.”

Figure Number Five - Album by Soilwork | Spotify

1. Stabbing the Drama (Stabbing the Drama, 2005)

“Its a song that states the facts of what people who are angry and depressed at the world go through. It is an argument of how people have it all but they are not happy on the inside. No matter how hard you think and how clever you are you will never be able to understand someone’s true self and know if they are truly happy.”