Whitechapel Albums Ranked

Whitechapel is an American deathcore band from Knoxville, Tennessee. The band is named after the Whitechapel district in East London, England, where Jack the Ripper committed a series of murders. The group comprises vocalist Phil Bozeman, guitarists Ben Savage, Alex Wade, and Zach Householder, and bassist Gabe Crisp. Founded in 2006 by Bozeman and Savage, the band has released seven studio albums and fourteen music videos, and is currently signed to Metal Blade Records. Whitechapel’s 2010 album A New Era of Corruption, sold around 10,600 copies in the United States in its first week of release and debuted at position No. 43 on the Billboard 200 chart. The band’s self-titled fourth album was released in 2012 and debuted at No. 47 on the Billboard 200, selling roughly 9,200 copies in its first week. In 2014 the band released their fifth full-length album, Our Endless War to generally positive reviews. The album sold roughly 16,000 copies in its first week and debuted at No. 10 on the Billboard 200. They released their sixth full-length album Mark of the Blade in 2016 to greater critical acclaim, selling roughly 8,000 copies in the first week of its release. In 2019, Whitechapel released their seventh album, The Valley, which debuted at No. 143 on the Billboard 200 also to critical acclaim. Here are all of Whitechapel’s albums ranked.

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7. The Somatic Defilement (2007)

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“An endless torrent of amazing riffs, varying in nature. Slow, thick and churning chromatic chugging (opening of title track), the dissonant decaying ring of semi-palm muted breakdowns, and the traditional rhythmic statements attest to its heaviest moments. Layered guitar harmonies also show the bands influences from melo-death, which was ingrained into this early period of mid 2000s deathcore.”

6. Our Endless War (2014)

Our Endless War - Album by Whitechapel | Spotify

“Brutal and hard edged death metal, which has some almost grindcore edge to it, but yet keeps it to death metal. Rough and raw sound in pretty much everything, but still a very nicely balanced outcome as a total. Not the most creative as for bands, but that lack is covered by attitude imho. I found my head nodding several times to the beat of the music, which usually also is a good sign.”

5. Mark Of The Blade (2016)

Album Review: Whitechapel - Mark of the Blade (Metal Blade Records) -  Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

“Whitechapel up until this point had had a good streak of good deathcore records. Admittedly the last album was a bit of a step down but was still good in it’s own right. Then comes this album, which is not very good. It’s pretty well produced I’ll give it that and the instrumental song is pretty cool but everything else is just mediocre.”

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4. A New Era Of Corruption (2010)

A New Era Of Corruption - Album by Whitechapel | Spotify

“The music on the album is deathcore, played with lots of technical skill and variation. The vocals by Phil Bozeman are brutal growls but with a “core” edge. Compared to much contemporary deathcore releases the music on “A New Era of Corruption” features more “regular” death metal elements. That´s to a point where I´m a bit in doubt whether to call this a deathcore album or a technical death metal album with metalcore elements. Whatever you want to call the music it´s quite brutal, the pace is varied and overall the songs are effective and powerful. The strong musicianship is one of the greatest assets on the album.”

3. Whitechapel (2012)

Whitechapel | Music fanart | fanart.tv

“The album sees the band taking new risks too, such as the odd spoken word section, as heard in ‘Hate Creation’. There are uses of atmospherics in the odd song that help keep things fresh and tense for all involved. But the real improvement is in songwriting. It’s no mistake that this album is self-titled, as it comes across as a furious, seething, swaggering statement of intent that seeks to smash itself to the front of the pack. This is the sound of a band that are grabbing the world by the scruff and demanding your complete focus.”

2. This Is Exile (2008)

Whitechapel - This is Exile Lyrics and Tracklist | Genius

“Every song on this album rips. Everything about this just works so well. From the ferocious riffs, to the brutal, sparingly used breakdowns; from the unbelievable vocals from Phil Boseman, to the tasteful use of atmospheric passages and instrumental tracks: this album has it all. It’s not about bone-headed brutality, don’t expect 11 tracks of open-chugging, there’s layers of menacing atmosphere going on in this album. Really compelling stuff.”

1. The Valley (2019)

Album Review: Whitechapel Reach the Peak of the Mountain with The Valley |  MetalSucks

“This album takes more influence from the deathmetal elements of much earlier albums. While definitely not as fast paced, chaotic and intense as their earlier era, songs such as Forgiveness is a weakness and Brimstone demonstrate the old approach. Speedy blast beats, detached rhythmic breakdowns, slow juicy chugging and increasingly filthy guttural growls make a return.”