Spring Break … Here to Party Songs Ranked

Spring Break…Here to Party is a compilation album by American country music artist Luke Bryan. It was released on March 5, 2013, by Capitol Nashville. The album is a compilation of songs from Bryan’s first four spring break-themed EPs, plus two new songs, “Buzzkill” and “Just a Sip.” A music video was filmed for “Buzzkill” though it was never released as a single. The album sold 150,000 copies in its first week of release, becoming Bryan’s first number one album on the Billboard 200 chart. The album has sold 605,000 copies in the US as of May 2015. Here are all of Spring Break … Here to Party songs ranked.

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9. Just a Sip

“Luke Bryan’s music is what I describe as Feel Good Summertime Party music. He sings songs that everyone (at least those who listen to country) seem to know the words to and you can easily sing along.”

8. Spring Break-up

“Spring Break-Up” is also epitomizes youthful simplicity, dealing with a relationship built on the excesses of Spring Break. One of those great albums to plug in and dance around the kitchen while cooking.”

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7. Shore Thing

“This CD was a very good one to say the least. It was entertaining and just plain good because it comes from Luke Bryan. He is definitely the entertainer.”

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6. Sorority Girl

“His music has a pop-rock kind of beat that one can really dance to. His lyrics are not the twangy, gushy love found or lost kind that most country music has.”

Luke Bryan (@lukebryan) / Twitter

5. Take My Drunk Ass Home

“Luke Bryan at his best. This is a fun album to listen to. There is a great theme to this album, in the way that it tells a story. Basically, off on spring break, check in to the hotel, beers on the beach with the boys, meet some girls, say goodbye to the girls, then check out and go home.”

4. Cold Beer Drinker

“Almost every song is up beat and puts you in a great mood. Luke Bryan at his best. Shake the sand off the sheets is a stand out track on this fantastic cd. If you are a Luke Bryan fan this is a must have cd!”

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3. Wild Weekend

“If you like country music, and drinking and partying songs, then you will like this cd. This is a great cd to listen to with friends on a Friday night partying around the bon fire or on Spring Break. If you like to party than this is the cd for you.”

2. Suntan City

“Bryan shows his hipness on opener “Suntan City”, in which he sings such memorable lyrics like “Speakers were a bumpin’ / little hip-hop somethin’ / I was stirrin’ up a coke and crown…” On the chorus, he goes on to reference his spring break itinerary on the beach, which involves sitting out in the sun, “watchin’ coconut-covered girls”, and having “a cold one in my hand”.”

Luke Bryan Surprises Fans With Impromptu Performance at His Nashville Bar |  CMT

1. Buzzkill

“An artist who presents himself as a lover of small comitès and freedom has always been an interesting artist for me. Luke Bryan has already released about five cds in his career, and in it is admirable how the artist combines introspection and projection to the point that he can divide the album into two halves, one intentional and the other decisive. Brilliant among the best of the moment.”