Squeeze Albums Ranked

Squeeze is a British rock band that came to prominence in the United Kingdom during the new wave period of the late 1970s, and continued recording in the 1980s, 1990s, and 2010s. In the UK, their singles “Cool for Cats”, “Up the Junction” and “Labelled with Love” were top-ten chart hits. Though not as commercially successful in the United States, Squeeze had American hits with “Tempted”, “Hourglass” and “853-5937”, and were considered a part of the Second British Invasion. Here are all of the Squeeze albums ranked.

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8. Some Fantastic Place (1993)

“The whole album is a peach but the title track is astounding . A brilliant lyric attached to perfect musical arrangement. It is Chris and Glens favourite song and they have penned thousands. My beautiful partner cried the first time she heard the song which mirrored my reaction years earlier. Did not scratch the charts which still amazes me.”

7. Sweets From A Stranger (1982)

“This album was one of the short list that got me through life in the 80s. And unlike some that are best left as a sweet memory, it stands the test of time. Smart, daring, musically satisfying. Critics don’t often get what’s gold. This is a case in point.”

6. Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti (1985)

“Unique sound. I’d love to seen an analysis of some of their melodies. They sound to me like they transition through different keys within a single song (e.g., King George Street, which gets my vote for best track… isn’t the chorus in a different key than the verses?). Very interesting stuff. The octave harmony also gives the vocals a very distinctive sound. It’s a sweet album.”

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5. Squeeze (1978)

“Though their subsequent albums would take a more staid approach to pop music, this debut is perhaps Squeeze’s most interesting effort. Having dismissed the songs they brought to the studio, producer John Cale forced songwriters Difford & Tillbrook to compose a new album on the fly. The result is less highly polished than subsequent releases, but it’s filled with a liveliness that would never again be this evident.”

4. Singles – 45’s And Under (1982)

“A terribly underrated British band. Smart riffs, witty lyrics–this is driving-in-your-car-in-the-summertime music. If you don’t know this band, you may not get them on first play. You’ll be hooked on the second play. Their rhythms are funky as hell!”

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3. Cool For Cats (1979)

“Essential album from an era of great British bands and music. Cool for cats is full of fantastic songs, especially, up the junction, and the title track, but there’s plenty of other wonderful tracks here. Classic stuff. Insanely catchy bunch of songs by a group coming into their zone.”

2. Argybargy (1980)

“Argy Bargy was undoubtedly their best original release with fine mix of pop tunes. Another Nail In My Heart, Pulling Mussels(From The Shell), and If I Didn’t Love You are the most noteworthy hits. However, the lesser known tunes like Farfisa Beat, Wrong Side Of The Moon, and Misadventure are certainly the equal of their more familiar track mates. Super vocal harmonies and creative instrumental touches complete the picture to this superb recording.”

1. East Side Story (1981)

“The songwriting of Difford and Tilbrook was at an apex when they made this album. Comment on this album said that “Labeled with Love” was “obviously” the most famous track on it, I have personally never heard it except on this album. Maybe it was big in the UK or Australia. “Tempted” was the closest thing to a hit Squeeze ever had in America –and “Is That Love?” was on “Singles, 45 and under”, but neither is my favorite song on this gem. “Woman’s World”, “Vanity Fair” “In Quintessence” are all stunningly good.”