St. Anger Songs Ranked

St. Anger is the eighth studio album by American heavy metal band Metallica, released on June 5, 2003. It was the last Metallica album released through Elektra Records and the final collaboration between Metallica and longtime producer Bob Rock, with whom the band had worked since 1990. This is the band’s only album not to feature an official bass player, as Jason Newsted left Metallica prior to the recording sessions; Rock played the album’s bass parts in his place. St. Anger was intended for release on June 10, 2003, but was released five days earlier due to concerns over unlicensed distribution via peer-to-peer file sharing networks. Despite mixed reviews, it debuted at the top of sales charts in 14 countries, including the US Billboard 200. After release, Metallica spent two years touring to promote the album. In 2004, the lead single, “St. Anger”, won a Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance. St. Anger was certified double platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for shipping two million copies in the US; it has sold nearly six million copies worldwide. Here are all of St. Anger’s songs ranked.

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11. Purify

“Purify is the most enjoyable unthinking hard rock, dare I say metal number on the album – its a straight up speedy rant and is pretty damned pleasing. This song is annoyingly good.”

10. My World

“My favorite song from St. Anger. I don’t hate the album, and this song fits very well to it. This song deserves more respect. I love how much anger Hetfield was showing in this song.”

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9. Invisible Kid

“There are brief melodic moments in songs like “Invisible Kid” that demonstrate artistic ability, but I think that the most artistic thing you can do here is think of creative ways to melt the CD.”

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8. All Within My Hands

“Sometimes I feel like this only person who likes this song (and this album). Off of Metallica’s “worst” album which isn’t bad at all, I’d have to say that this and the title track are my favorites, but this over all. James’ “Kill Kill Kill” is incredible as well. This is a beast of a track!”

Metallica filmed 'St Anger' video at San Quentin while Richard Ramirez was  on death row

7. Shoot Me Again

“It’s the best because they never do the real screamy thing and the bongo sound from Lars isn’t super prevalent. And the music is actually pretty good. Also the lyrics and vocals are actually really catchy and they ACTUALLY SING.”

6. Dirty Window

“St. Anger is a really underrated Metallica album. It’s one of my favorites (next to Kill ‘Em All). I chose Dirty Window because I love the drumming. One of Lars’s best performances. James’s voice is great too.”

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5. Sweet Amber

“Sweet Amber leads us into the best stretch of the album, and it’s layered graded buildup and James’ howl is pretty satisfying. It is really cool, with the Guitar comes into the Song after the quite intro.”

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4. Some Kind of Monster

“Some Kind of Monster is a pleasing little riff, but is just not up to Metallica standard, musically or lyrically.  love how just plain raw this song is! The drums really shine on this song”

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3. Frantic

“Frantic is a fun, heavy song and while you might not like ‘my lifestyle, determines my deathstyle’ or the ‘fran-tick, tick, tick, tock’ refrain, its certainly catchy.”

2. The Unnamed Feeling

“The Unnamed Feeling would be a grand piece of atmospherics – NOT a single, but a damn fine album track – if it was five minutes long rather than seven – sure it’s not heavy and it depends on it’s sense of melancholy weight to gain its effectiveness, but if thats OK for Paradise Lost and Anathema, then why not Metallica?”

1. St. Anger

” I like this song not just because it is a good song and won an award, but it also has no solos in the song, because it makes it easier for me to play on my guitar, so this song is one of my favorites in the songs I know, I’m MADLY IN ANGER WITH YOU, I’m MADLY IN ANGER WITH YOU!”