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State of Shock is the fifth solo studio album by American hard rock musician Ted Nugent. The album was released in May 1979, by Epic Records. State of Shock closed a decade in which Nugent took his hard-rocking wildman persona to the top of the charts. Although the album reached the U.S. Top 20 and quickly went gold, it is Nugent’s first solo album not to attain platinum certification. The best known track remains the album opener “Paralyzed”, which was performed live on a 1980 episode of the TV show Fridays, and turned up again a year later on Great Gonzos!: The Best of Ted Nugent. Other highlights include “Saddle Sore” and “Alone,” a rare “power ballad” for him, sung by Charlie Huhn. A live show originally broadcast as an episode of King Biscuit Flower hour from this era is captured on the 1997 archive release Live at Hammersmith ’79. Unlike most King Biscuit live shows that were released on CD in the late 1990s, the show was released by Nugent’s record label (Epic/Legacy) rather than by King Biscuit directly. Here are all of State Of Shock songs ranked.

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10. Paralyzed

“Opening with Paralyzed, its truely a classic Nuge track, featuring some killer wah wah guitar work at a speedy pace. It’s back to essential Ted which is something Weekend Warriors had nothing of.”

9. I Want to Tell You

“With Derek St. Holmes (long time second guitarrist and singer) now definitely gone, Ted takes on all guitar and vocal duties, exception made of some backing vocals courtesy of Charlie Huhn.”

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8. Take It or Leave It

“I love this album! I love the cover, I love the songs and I even love the production. To my ears this sounds far superior these days to Weekend Warriors to which this album is often negatively compared.”

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7. Satisfied

“Satisfied” presents a progression heiress to other songs such as “Venom Soup”, “Writing on the Wall” and even “Stranglehold”, making Ted Nugent a true master in this kind of tonades, already glimpsed in his period with the Amboy Dukes.”

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6. Alone

“Alone sort of slows the album down, not just musically but in consistancy. In a way it predicts the 80s hair band power ballad. The song “Alone” is not something you’d expect from Ted Nugent, yet it’s probably in my top five favorite Nuge songs of all time.”

5. Bite Down Hard

“Another one of my favorites on the album is “Bite Down Hard.” It’s a guitar-riff driven number that I play over and over. Ted Nugent is the master at straight-ahead, guitar-driven rock and roll.”

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4. It Don’t Matter

“For me one of the best Ted’s, although certainly the most underrated. Great songs, good vocals, not just wild frize, was when they finally appeared on CD, since my original LP is not so crackle-free anymore.”

3. Snake Charmer

“I liked everything is a brutal edition the incredible sound and the album in transparent green again raw, it is a must buy for any lovers of the very good rock music of the 70’s and above all Ted Nugent”

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2. State of Shock

“I really missed this recording, and was so happy to be able to hear it again. I used to stay up late at night, early into the morning with my headphones on listening to this album over and over. Just straight up rock.”

1. Saddle Sore

“At the peak of popularity Nugent releases this perfect album, with slow, rhythmic and heavy themes with very well assembled melodic structures. I also like the sound, although there might be a little more transparency and treble, but its records are completely different anyway.”