Free For All Songs Ranked

Free-For-All is the second studio album by American hard rock musician Ted Nugent. The album was released in October 1976, by Epic Records. It was his first album to go platinum. A full year before Bat Out of Hell brought him international success, vocalist Meat Loaf was brought in by producer Werman to sing on the album. Meat Loaf was paid the sum of $1,000 for his contributions to the album, which included crafting his vocal arrangements and two days of recording sessions. He says that after he agreed to do the album he was sent a lyric sheet containing just the words with no arrangements. Having no idea what the songs were going to sound like, he nonetheless created the vocal arrangements for the songs that he recorded and performed. Here are all of the Free For All songs ranked.

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9. I Love You So I Told You a Lie

“Ted Nugent is kind of interesting. He’s very well known, but there’s kind of a disconnect between his reputation and the kind of music he played. It’s not smart or super complex or anything, but a lot of the stuff here isn’t really that “rock’n’roll” either – not a whole lot of boogie or blooze or that sort of thing going on, a lot of his riffs are really more like Priest or early Motorhead than the kind of stuff one might expect.”

8. Turn It Up

“This is Ted Nugent’s best album. It’s also interesting because of the diversity of involvement including vocals from Meat Loaf, Derek St Holmes, and Ted himself and some diversity in the songwriting credits. “

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7. Light My Way

“But before long, the band returns to its ‘baby baby’ blooze rock with a fun track Light My Way and its no different for Hammerdown a more chugging rocker that adds some fuel to the pack of songs, a gritty vocal from Meat Loaf also kicks this one into high gear.”

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6. Writing on the Wall

“. I love Writing on the Wall, which is sung by Meat and has an extensive killer Stanglehold-style solo. Son of Strangehold but more diverse and filled with powerful vocals from Meat Loaf.”

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5. Hammerdown

“When Ted Nugents first lead vocalist decided to quit half way through production of the second album, The Nuge found himself in sort of a jam. He knew the licks that he had for this second album were god damned nasty, and tasty at that. He knew the public needed some crazy riff rock to party to, and get blitzed to, while they drove around in their GTO’s and watched the girlies in the super super tight dyed jeans.”

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4. Dog Eat Dog

“Ted’s A minor stuff but very solid. Lyrically, he had not yet degenerated to writing all the rhyming yank me crank me garbage. There’s some interesting visuals conjured by the song.”

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3. Street Rats

“Ted’s A minor stuff again but again really solid. As above, he was putting some efforts into lyrics and I have always remembered the phrase “post-war anti-social” as a reference point for a more realist and cynical opposition far beyond the idealism of the anti-war hippies.”

2. Free-for-All

“Free For All is a very strong disc from Ted Nugent. All of the albums Ted did with vocalist/guitarist Derek St. Holmes were his best but during this time they were at odds during the recording process.”

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1. Together

“Best song on the album. A proto power ballad. Written by the drummer, Cliff Davies, and the bass player, Rob Grange. Some great work by Ted on guitar. Great vocals by Meat Loaf. Very un-Ted-like but it’s a beautiful song.”