Scream Dream Songs Ranked

Scream Dream is the sixth studio album by American hard rock musician Ted Nugent. The album was released in June 1980 by Epic Records, and reached number 13 on the Billboard 200. It was his last studio album to feature drummer Cliff Davies. The album-opening “Wango Tango” became an instant Nugent standard, including a humorous middle breakdown section in which he shows off with a carnival barker-esque rap. Other highlights include “Terminus El Dorado”, the title track, and “Hard as Nails”. Tracks “Wango Tango” and “Scream Dream” were later included in the compilation album Playlist: The Very Best of Ted Nugent. Here are all of Scream Dream songs ranked.

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10. Violent Love

“Ted was at this point still putting out solid records but this one was perhaps a little rawer in sound style. It rocks and has some typical rockin’ ted songs. Ted’s music here is far less slick than on ‘state of shock’ too. I have to agree that this is still ted at his peak a position he has not been at for a while.”

9. Don’t Cry 

“The album has strong songs all the way through, and the attitude and tone are all there. It is a very heavy album. One of Ted’s hardest. It has ballsy lyrics and tone and some killer Uncle Ted twangage attitude.”

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8. I Gotta Move

“Charlie gets to sing I Gotta Move, and that’s whats a little disappointing about this record, is that Charlie Hunh sang most of State of Shock and is hardly vocal on this album. Dispite that a fun record to have in your Ted collection.”

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7. Terminus El Dorado

“Then the deliciously over the top “Terminus El Dorado” – complete with salacious drawl – re-iterates the fact that, if nothing else, Scream Dream is meant to be fun”

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6. Hard as Nails

“None of Ted’s other albums can come close to matching Scream Dream’s energy level. This is pure rock and roll insanity. Some of the songs make you wonder whether or not he is a sane individual.”

5. Come and Get It

“The wild man of rock ‘n’ roll, stripped down to a loincloth, delivers once again with full force. By 1980, ol’ Uncle Ted was capable of penning tracks in his sleep, as the right-wing rocker’s rampant run through the been-there-done-that cycle with the Amboys Dukes, and his successful seventie’s solo career sharpened Nugent’s unbridled rawk ‘n’ roll skills.”

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4. Scream Dream

“Ted’s dressed in a loin cloth on the CD – his image for a number of years. I guess the loin cloth went with his whole “sanity is past tense” theme. I never really made this connection till like 15 years later or something listening to ‘Scream Dream’ for the 10th time. If only they had printed lyrics with this CD!”

3. Spit It Out

“It’s one of those albums that Ted Nugent put out that goes on you. Had the album many years ago, and as I fill my Nugent library just kept putting Sceam Dream off – not sure why because I am glad to finally get it”

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2. Wango Tango

“Cover your kids’ ears if you’re playing “Wango Tango” in their midst, because the lyrics are, even today, not for the young. Opening with the ultimate fav Wango Tango, featuring some truely gonzo breakdown word play from the man himself, its the last classic he ever did.”

1. Flesh & Blood

“Flesh & Blood retains that groove rock feel like the old days, which for that, makes it one of the best songs here, the simple but very effective bass work need note.”