Stomp 442 Songs Ranked

Stomp 442 is the seventh studio album by American thrash metal band Anthrax. It was released in 1995 by Elektra Records. The band and the Philadelphia-based producers Butcher Brothers produced the album, which includes the singles, “Fueled” and “Nothing”. The album debuted at No. 47 on the Billboard 200 charts. Anthrax claimed that their label, Elektra Records, didn’t do enough to promote the album, and they left soon after. Stomp 442 is the only Anthrax album not featuring the traditional Anthrax logo on its artwork. Stomp 442 is also Anthrax’s first album without Dan Spitz on lead guitar. Though not credited as a member of the band, Paul Crook took over lead guitar duties. Here are all of Stomp 442 songs ranked.

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11. Tester

“I am an unconditioned fan of the thrash Anthrax and I approached the Bush-era with some reserves but now I know that all the albums are at least good works of typically ’90s groove metal nearly on par quality-wise with their thrash staples.”

10. Drop the Ball

“If you enjoy Anthrax regardless of the era, don’t miss out on this one, but of course it’s not some mandatory classic of the decade. Of course it’s fashionable to downgrade this because it’s an innovative ’90s album by an ’80s first-class band. Don’t be fooled by the haters. What do they know?”

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9. In a Zone

“This is a great metal album that deserves a place in the ‘A’ section of your collection. Hard driven songs with heft and heart. The sort of (almost) masterpiece that can convert people to the enjoyment of metal.”

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8. Perpetual Motion

“The album is musically competent, sure, but that’s really the biggest compliment I can give it. It’s all just so boring and samey to the point of mind-numbing repetitiveness. There’s nothing wrong with rhythmic riffs, but it gets boring very fast.”

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7. Bare

“There is no other Anthrax album that flows from beginning to end like this one. A true metal masterpiece. If you like metal you will like this one for sure. “

6. American Pompeii

“Anthrax clearly retained the thrash element of Stomp 442 and combined it with Sound of White Noise to produce the killer Volume 8: The Threat is Real. If you liked liked Anthrax back when they were thrashy, definitely pick this one up.”

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5. King Size

“While not being a bad album, there was some really good stuff on here but some is not rememberable. To me a great album is one that you remember even if it’s been weeks to years of hearing it. Great production and still worth having in the collection.”

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4. Riding Shotgun

“This adrenaline dose may be lethal, listen under your own risk , heart failure may cause, your heart may not resist this album, is extremely heavy, is a blast , not recomended for weak people”

Charlie Benante, from Anthrax: “Playing live got painful for me” – Fabrizio  Pedrotti

3. Random Acts of Senseless Violence

“Since the intro of John Bush, Anthrax has finally come to a balance of incredible lyrics and sounds. I haven’t heard a band yet who can jam as hard and yet be so in tune with what’s going on in this crazy world!”

2. Nothing

“This album is thrashy as hell and God, it’s heavy! It’s got really heavy guitars and hard vocals. Much, much better than Joey as much as i like him. I don’t think Joey’s voice was made for this kind of music.”

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1. Fueled

“Damn this album is good. I am biased because I dig the John Bush era of Anthrax so much – but still this album smokes. Why is this album so underrated? I think Elektra buried this album after it was released because Elektra was going in a new direction and Anthrax got thrown under the bus.”