Superunknown Songs Ranked

Superunknown is the fourth studio album by American rock band Soundgarden, released on March 8, 1994, through A&M Records. It is the band’s second album with bassist Ben Shepherd, and features new producer Michael Beinhorn. Soundgarden began work on the album after touring in support of its previous album, Badmotorfinger (1991). Superunknown captured the heaviness of the band’s earlier releases while displaying a more diverse range of influences. The album has been certified five times platinum by the RIAA in the United States, has sold 9 million copies worldwide and remains Soundgarden’s most successful album. In April 2019, Superunknown was ranked No. 9 on Rolling Stone‘s “50 Greatest Grunge Albums” list. Here are all of Superunknown songs ranked.

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15. Half

“It’s easy to assume this is a filler song, but again, I don’t think I’d see (or hear) this album the same without it. Has an eastern guitar sound for about half (get it? HALF) of the song, while the other half sounds Pink Floyd-ish with the soft, echoey guitar sound in closing. Sounds really nice.”

14. Mailman

“This song was awesome when performed live; and it no different here in the record studio version. This is a much more steadily-paced hard rock song, Chris using his softer voice for the heavy guitars just sounds great.”

13. Kickstand

“Don’t be fooled by the fact this song is one minute – this song rocks fast and rocks hard for a solid minute and 34 seconds. You’ll just have to hear it for yourself to really get the gist of what I mean.”

Superunknown': Soundgarden's Super-Well-Known 90s Benchmark

12. Fresh Tendrils

“I used to look at this song the wrong way and thought it said, “Fresh Entrails.” Eww. Anyway, this song is probably another one of those overlooked songs. Has a deep (but slightly softer) rocking sound, an echoey singing performance by Cornell, and…well, don’t miss out!”

11. Head Down

“Some people consider this song filler but I don’t think I’d look at this album the same without it. A much darker song with some accoustics and electric guitars. Chris’s singing voice again sounds soft for most of the song, but as it builds up upon the climax of the song he’ll sing louder, eventually reaching his signature scream. 🙂 I also think this makes for a good track to hear before hearing this next song…”

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10. Let Me Drown

“My personal favorite, the opening song for this album is just killer. You’ve got Chris already weiling his vocals around the music, Matt Cameron’s awesome percussion, Kim Thayil’s ingenius guitar solo and Ben Shepard’s heart-pumping bass work. A song like this should have gone down as true grunge in the alternative rock hall of fame.”

9. Limo Wreck

” I think this song is extremely under rated. Another favorite of mine with Chris’s killer singing and Matt’s drumming ability make this song worth quite a few listens.”

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8. Superunknown

“A great example of Chris’s singing ability. The chorus is very catchy and makes for a good song on a road trip. Listen to this song enough times you might just sing along!”

7. My Wave

“Love the bass line, the guitar work again is catchy, and Chris again gives a few good screams here and there. Shoulda been on the A-Sides hits collection. This one keeps the groovy mood going a little while longer.”

Soundgarden: membros remanescentes gostariam de terminar demos gravadas por  Chris Cornell - Ligado à Música

6. Like Suicide

“Well…here’s the closing song. Another sort of build-up song structure, but a good one at that. Not sure what else to say other than it’s another dark song about…dark stuff. There’s also an accoustic version in their EP, “Songs From The Superunknown” if you’re interested.”

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5. Spoonman

“I remember my brother singing this song to me, I remember thinking he made it up cause it sounded silly. “Spoonman”? That is until I heard the killer rock song itself is when I realized how awesome it actually is.”

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4. The Day I Tried to Live

“This song took me some time to grow into for some reason. But since I’ve really come to understand the sound of this song it has become another favorite of mine. It’s one of those loud chorus-soft verse type songs; and they perform it incredibly on this amazing record.”

3. 4th of July

“VERY distorted guitar sound, much darker song (lyrically) and typically another great song with Cornell’s vocals. I forgot to mention the way the album is structured (again, lyrically) each song just gets darker as it goes on. Not only is it Soundgarden’s darkest albums but I would say one of the darkest albums I’ve ever heard. Not that that makes it the best record ever, I’m just saying!”

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2. Fell on Black Days

“One of the softer-edged songs on this record. Has a great melody and a wonderful chorus. Some songs on here may take a few listens to appeciate, I would consider this one of those tracks. But overall, this is another great song by Soundgarden.”

1. Black Hole Sun

“A classic, this was actually (like many other people) the first time I had ever heard Soundgarden’s music and Chris’s singing ability back in 1994. It has a beautiful, airy guitar sound with a rock ‘n’ roll chorus. Not quite sure how to explain the song as a whole but it takes listening to it to really get what I mean. You won’t regret it.”