Taking Back Sunday Songs Ranked

Taking Back Sunday is an American alternative rock/emo band from Long Island, New York. The band was formed by guitarist Eddie Reyes in 1999. The band’s members are Adam Lazzara (lead vocals), John Nolan (lead guitar, keyboards, vocals), Shaun Cooper (bass guitar), and Mark O’Connell (drums), accompanied by Nathan Cogan (guitar) for their live performances. Nolan and Cooper left the group in 2003 before rejoining in 2010. In 2014, the band released its sixth studio album Happiness Is to positive reviews. The album reached number 10 on the US Billboard 200. In 2016, they released their seventh album Tidal Wave. Here are all of the Taking Back Sunday songs ranked.

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20. One-Eighty By Summer (Where You Want to Be, 2004)

“She says live up to your first impression, well my best side was your worst invention” Surely one of the best songs, such power in the voice, makes you feel as him.”

19. Everything Must Go (New Again, 2009)

“You could say that their 2009 record were so not-TBS sounding or whatever but the closing track is one of their best!”

18. Cut Me Up Jenny (New Again, 2009)

“This song is very catchy and has one of the best transitions from baritone to alto I’ve ever heard. Such a great song. Sometimes their new(er) stuff is just as timeless as their classics.”

17. Ghost Man on Third (Tell All Your Friends, 2002)

“Definitely my favorite. The acoustic version is even more emotional. I like this because it touches my heart when to listening it.. So good for TBS!”

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16. Faith (When I Let You Down) (Transformers: Dark of the Moon – The Album, 2011)

“The lyrics are absolutely on point and if you don’t literally feel”taken back” when this song starts playing then you truly don’t have an emotional bone in your body and you really don’t know or like Taking Back Sunday. Real talk”

15. Fences (Tidal Wave, 2016)

“What a return to form by these guys! The fact that it’s come after their relevancy has slowly faded away into obscurity is very unfortunate, but regardless Taking Back Sunday are back in full force here. Even though some of the energy is gone since their heyday, much of it’s been replaced by mature songwriting.”

14. Divine Intervention (Louder Now, 2006)

“I think this is like the make or break of a relationship, to go to a marriage or to stop the relationship altogether. and this isn’t “bitch about music dot com” its “song meanings” if you’re too dumb to be bothered to figure the song meaning then listen to what other people think it’s about.”

13. Sink Into Me (New Again, 2009)

“I think this song is basically a guy who is willing to do anything for a girl. even if it has to hurt him. I believe the first verse has a sarcastic tone to it, and the first half of the chorus is basically the guy trying to show the girl how he feels, “Well I’d like to see all roles reversed”. and the second half of the chorus telling her that he tries to be perfect to win her back, “I keep my grammar well-rehearsed”: meaning that he makes sure that everything he says to her gets to her.”

12. It Doesn’t Feel a Thing Like Falling (Taking Back Sunday, 2011)

“Awesome driving riff pairs well with the drumbeat. I love Taking Back Sunday, I’ll starts with that. So anything they put out ill adores. But this song really is great. One of my new favorites from them. It has become an instant classic for me.”

11. I’ll Let You Live (Louder Now, 2006)

“It sounds to me like he could have found a girl who was with a good friend of his and kind of took her from him. He feels guilty by messing around with a good friend’s g/f but the two of them are so infatuated they can’t hold themselves back. He wants to feel guilty and end it but in being honest with himself he knows he’s afraid that this girl will leave him.”

10. Flicker, Fade (Happiness Is, 2014)

“Absolute best song I’ve ever heard in my life. Tune enhances the lyrics and it’s just awesome. Perfect song. From the intro to the end it builds so well”

9. You’re So Last Summer (Tell All Your Friends, 2002)

“This song is the utter epitome of what “emo” music is defined as: poignant lyrics and heart-on-sleeve vocals; this song delivers both in spades. For me, this song should be #2. From the chorus (“And all I needed to know is that I’m something you’ll be missing.. Maybe I should hate you for this; never really did ever quite get that far”) to the verses before and after it (“You could slit my throat, and with my one last gasping breath, I’d apologize for bleeding on your shirt,” and “If I’m just bad news, you’re a liar”), this song is essentially emo, and Taking Back Sunday at it’s finest.”

8. Spin (Louder Now, 2006)

“Great composition overall and back and forth dueling vocals. Strong riffs, solid drumming, powerful bass. I love most of taking back sunday songs but this is probably the only song or the one that gets me pumped up the most, has some softy interlude as well so it explodes again, it’s just so good.”

7. Number Five with a Bullet (Where You Want to Be, 2004)

“This song is an obvious reference to the movie “high fidelity” with John Cusack. The reference relates to John, in the movie, all time five greatest break up list… in chronological order. He states that “Number five with a bullet” is his recently ex-girlfriend linda. Because of this reference its obvious that the song is about a break up that he wasn’t ready for.”

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6. What’s It Feel Like to Be a Ghost? (Louder Now, 2006)

“I think its just about ending a relationship, like the girl is a ghost to him. “going straight for the neck” suggests killing, because that’s the weakest part of the body. I’m pretty sure it’s a metaphor for killing the relationship, and if not he’s probably just angry at her and rehearsing what he might do if he wasn’t able to restrain himself and if he didn’t have morals. in other words i dont think its about actually physically abusing someone.”

5. My Blue Heaven (Louder Now, 2006)

“Listening to this song as an older more experienced person it feels more emotionally tied to the people you just can’t seem to say no to or control yourself around. There’s more than one person I’ve done everything in my power to distance myself from because I’d just get myself hurt again in ways far beyond a broken heart. I think overall it just feels dedicated to those people capable of wrecking you as a person.”

4. A Decade Under the Influence (Where You Want to Be, 2004)

“A Decade Under The Influence” is their best song. This is where they started to get really popular but they still manage to deliver a heck of an album. Too bad they have never been able to get back to this level.”

3. Liar (It Takes One to Know One) (Louder Now, 2006)

“Seems to simply be about a girls he has met on tour; the groupies. He is speaking directly to them saying “we both know this won’t last long. ” Yet still being captivated by love (sex). Probably happened often on tour so he would label himself a “liar” because if they all keep score of the poon they got, it would be there secret. “we’re all choir boys at best.” <—-the lie. Intrusive and arrogant to further support this. Lord of the flies is a good theory, and he may have thrown a bit of insight to his influences. But lets be honest, what is more likely. A song about someones’ literature or an actual feeling of guilt and honesty penned on paper.”

2. Cute Without the ‘e’ (Cut from the Team) (Tell All Your Friends, 2002)

“It always gives me chills to hear a song that perfectly encapsulates an entire genre and scene in just a matter of minutes. The Get Up Kids might have the claim to the Quintessential Emo Pop album, but Taking Back Sunday has the Quintessential song. If you don’t like it, your loss. It’s probably ancient history by now, anyway.”

1. Makedamnsure (Louder Now, 2006)

“I think this song is about an affair. that’s why the bar is the safest place to hide, We lay together to close, but not too close, maybe because they have a prior commitment with some else, and maybe that’s why he wants to break her down so badly because she is so much more interesting than his old lady. I’m gonna make damn sure you won’t ever leave could mean he is going to be very discreet so it won’t ever end.”