The Archies Albums Ranked

The Archies is an American fictional band that featured in the animated TV series The Archie Show. In the context of the series, the band was founded by vocalist/guitarist Archie Andrews, bassist Reggie Mantle, drummer Forsythe “Jughead” Jones, vocalist/keyboardist Veronica Lodge and vocalist/lead guitarist/percussionist Betty Cooper. In the cartoons, Veronica is shown playing a large keyboard instrument styled after the X-66, a then-current top-of-the-line organ made by the Hammond Organ Company. The music featured in the series was recorded by session musicians, including Ron Dante on lead vocals and Toni Wine on duet and backing vocals. The recordings were released as a series of singles and albums that achieved worldwide chart success. Their most successful song, “Sugar, Sugar”, became one of the biggest hits of the bubblegum pop genre that flourished from 1968 to 1973. Here are all of The Archies albums ranked.

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4. The Archies Compilation (1979)

“Hearing this track was like going on a trip down memory lane! Sounds just like I remembered it when I was a little girl with a big crush on The Archies! So happy to have added this tune to my “oldies” collection! Sugar, Sugar would put anyone in a great mood! Thanks for putting a smile on my face!”

3. The Archies (1968)

“The songs here breeze along with nice and kind vocals. Gentle guitars and bouncy keyboards. The only exception has to be Ride Ride Ride. Almost inventing punk rock with its fuzz tone screeching lead guitar and the topic being driving at high speeds without any care of danger or death.”

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2. Everything’s Archie (1969)

“Groovy stuff, baby! I am not ashamed to like this record. The Archies were, in fact, very influential despite the snickering that occurs whenever their name is brought up. Studio musicians? Well, yeah, since cartoon characters don’t ‘really’ make sound. Obviously “Sugar Sugar” was the big hit here, but there are other songs like “Feelin’ So Good”, “You Little Angel, You”, “Love Light” and others that deserve recognition too.”  

1. Greatest Hits (1969)

The Archies’ first four singles, “Bang Shang a Lang,” “Feelin’ So Good,” “Sugar Sugar” and “Jingle Jangle,” are included here, as are tracks from the group’s first and second albums (the latter, “Everything’s Archie,” is now itself available on CD thanks to RKO/Unique). “The Archies’ Greatest Hits” is currently the only CD I’ve seen which has “Time for Love” (correct title) and “You Make Me Wanna Dance” from the group’s self-titled debut album. Although only in his early twenties at the time these songs were recorded, Ron Dante proved to be an extremely gifted young talent, as evinced by his pleasantly expressive phrasing as well as deft overdubs effecting his own background vocals.