The Chase Songs Ranked

The Chase is the fifth studio album of American country music artist Garth Brooks. It was released on September 14, 1992 on Liberty Records and sold 403,000 copies in its first week,[6] The Chase debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart and Top Country Albums chart and has been certified diamond by the RIAA. It was also successful internationally, reaching number one on the UK country albums chart and remained in the top ten for many months. “Dixie Chicken” is a cover of the classic Little Feat song off of their 1973 album of the same name, while “Night Rider’s Lament” is a classic cowboy song that had been previously recorded by Jerry Jeff Walker and Chris LeDoux. Here are all of The Chase songs ranked.

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10. We Shall Be Free

“We Shall Be Free”, the first track on the album, an edgy, powerful gospel-rock-ballad, is very well conceived, though it never received the attention it deserved. The song, which states that “we shall be free” when we dismiss prejudice and discrimination, is genuinely powerful, but it was also a little preachy, possibly turning off listeners whos opinions didn’t match Garth’s.”

9. Mr. Right

“Mr. Right” is two minutes of western swing that immediately brings to mind George Strait, one of Brooks’ musical idols. Garth Brooks has another solid album here. However, I think he took a slight step back from his earlier records on The Chase.”

Garth Brooks

8. Walking After Midnight

“Garth’s reworking of “Walking After Midnight” however leaves something to be desired. It is good, but Patsy Cline gave the song such an absolute sound that this arrangement seems to fall a little short of the mark.”

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7. Learning to Live Again

“Frankly, I am always amazed that this album isn’t considered his best. I understand the love everyone has for his first two, but this one moved me more than any of his other albums did, and that’s saying a lot.”

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6. Night Rider’s Lament

“Perhaps the strongest piece on the album is “Night Rider’s Lament”, a delightful song about a man’s quest to live out his life as a cowboy in the west after giving up the comforts of his life back in the city.”

5. Somewhere Other Than the Night

“Somewhere Other Than the Night” is beautiful, and like much of Garth’s material, is not a traditional love song, but instead a reflection on the need for love to extend beyond the physical, and really impact each of us moment by moment.”

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4. Every Now and Then

” ‘Every Now And Then’ is one of the lesser known tracks but is still on a par with any other song on this album, another moving ballad reminincsing of a former lover.”

3. Dixie Chicken

“This album, like others also introduced us to a remake of several classic songs. “Dixie Chicken” was given a refreshing update, again blending the stylings of country with a blend of blues/gospel sound that make it poignant and enjoyable.”

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2. That Summer

“The likable “That Summer” is a solid song, but uses the stylings for which Garth was becoming increasingly more recognized by, and results in sounding like a clone of some of his earlier work, instead of simply standing on its own.”

1. Face to Face

“Face to Face” is a really cool, very non country sounding song about facing your fears. He sings good songs and does most certainly have talent.”