The Descendents Songs Ranked

Descendents are an American punk rock band formed in 1977 in Manhattan Beach, California, United States, by guitarist Frank Navetta, bassist Tony Lombardo and drummer Bill Stevenson. In 1979, they enlisted Stevenson’s school friend Milo Aukerman as a singer, and reappeared as a punk rock band, becoming a major player in the hardcore punk scene developing in Los Angeles at the time. They have released seven studio albums, three live albums, three compilation albums, and three EPs. Since 1986, the band’s lineup has consisted of singer Milo Aukerman, guitarist Stephen Egerton, bassist Karl Alvarez, and drummer Bill Stevenson. Here are all of The Descendents’songs ranked.

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20. Nothing With You (Cool to Be You, 2004)

“The absolute perfect song, amazing opening into a hard guitar riff. A love song that talk about real love about how you truly never want it to ever end.”

19. Bikeage (Milo Goes to College, 1982)

“The superb guitar riffs, drums, lyrics, vocals and what not. They are beyond words for me to describe how flawless it is.”

18. Mass Nerder (Mass Nerder, 1998)

“Amazing song which just cannot be beaten. The lyrics, vocals, guitar and drums all come together and make this song absolutely perfect.”

17. Myage (Milo Goes to College, 1982)

“Definitely one of the best songs lyrically, and has an awesome melody. It’s my personal favorite song of all time.”

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16. ‘Merican (‘Merican, 2004)

“The rhythm of the two guitars intertwining is so balanced, intriguing and stimulating. It’s a mystery why this isn’t the top song.”

15. We (Everything Sucks, 1996)

“Love the melody, and the lyrics are amazing. It’s such a beautiful song, definitely should be first.”

14. Clean Sheets (All, 1987)

“This ballad, funky & awesome track easily one of the best rock song I’ve heard in my entire life. Truly inspiring!”

13. Catalina (Milo Goes to College, 1982)

“I can’t go a day without hearing this song. I just love it. It’s an absolutely amazing song. I love the guitar. Just awesome.

12. Silly Girl (I Don’t Want to Grow Up, 1985)

“Gets me every time! It calls out the adrenaline in my body. Never gets old. It may be their most corniest song from their catalog but nevertheless I ate it up the same.”

11. Van (All, 1987)

“No comment undoubtedly the best song by these gods. The sheer energy present in that song is awesome.”

10. Descendents (Milo Goes to College, 1982.)

“Listened to this song once and loved it instantly, the lyrics, quality and beat make it an amazing song and it’s the best song the Descendents have ever produced in my opinion.”

9. Christmas Vacation (I Don’t Want to Grow Up, 1985)

“That’s the best song ever for sure! I just can’t stop humming it since I heard it for the first time.”

8. Kabuki Girl (Milo Goes to College, 1982)

“Most catchiest rock song I’ve ever heard. Can’t help myself but dance along while listening to the song.”

7. I Wanna Be a Bear (Milo Goes to College, 1982)

“I can easily say that it is the best song of this group.the lyrics and the drum are extremely good and can make you crazy.i really prefer to listen to it”

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6. Cool to Be You (Cool to Be You, 2004)

“Everyone loves this song because everyone’s been there sometimes and can relate to the lyrics. Plus impressive guitars and chorus – you’ve got great hit at band’s most emotional level.”

5. I’m the One (Everything Sucks, 1996)

“The sheer energy coming out of the song to inspire you is just too good. One of the few tracks that have a raw feel attached to them.”

4. Suburban Home (Milo Goes to College, 1982)

“Love everything about this song, especially the brilliant upbeat guitar parts, killer drums and the changes in tempo.”

3. My World (I Don’t Want to Grow Up, 1985)

“Wow, This is the song which brought my interest towards The Descendents, Love the beats, love this song, especially the end, which is simply Awesome!”

2. Pervert (I Don’t Want to Grow Up, 1985)

“The build-up in the song is just pure perfection. One of my all-time favorite songs of all-time. Certainly the best song ever.”

1. Hope (Milo Goes to College, 1982)

“This is an amazing song… I consider this their best!… Gives my heart what we call food for the soul! I just love it plain an simple!”