The Devil Wears Prada Songs Ranked

The Devil Wears Prada is an American Christian metalcore band from Dayton, Ohio, formed in 2005. It consists of members Mike Hranica (vocals, additional guitar), Jeremy DePoyster (rhythm guitar, vocals), Kyle Sipress (lead guitar, backing vocals), Mason Nagy (bass), Jonathan Gering (keyboards), and Giuseppe Capolupo (drums). The band had maintained its original lineup until keyboardist James Baney left the band. To date, the group has released seven full-length albums: Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord (2006), Plagues (2007), With Roots Above and Branches Below (2009), Dead Throne (2011), 8:18 (2013) Transit Blues (2016), and The Act (2019) as well as two EPs, one DVD, sixteen singles, and thirteen music videos. Here are all of The Devil Wears Prada songs ranked.

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20. Louder Than Thunder (With Roots Above and Branches Below, 2009)

“This song is about how Christ laid down his life in an act of selflessness for us, which we in no way deserve. About how none of us can give anything to repay that sacrifice, and we all know we could lead better lives and strive to become like Him.”

19. The Scorpion Deathlock (Plagues, 2007)

“This song is overall awesome with all the great lyrics and meaning. I think it should be a higher rank because it is one of the best songs I have heard from them.”

18. Wapakalypse (With Roots Above and Branches Below, 2009)

“This song has an epic and heavy opening, amazing an chorus and is very melodic and personally my favorite off the album.”

17. Swords, Dragons, and Diet Coke (Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord, 2006)

“This may be my favorite song on the cd. it used to be dogs can grow beards.. but this means so much more to me. it’s such a myriad of aspects regarding issues of faith, christianity, evil, temptation, materialism, etc. I think the metaphors are rather obvious to understand so this isn’t much of a song to dive too deep into, but the part “With dead tongues and lonely hearts, we cough the poison out, and yet i sing of hope” ….I get chills”

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16. Big Wiggly Style (With Roots Above and Branches Below, 2009)

“Awesome solo and great vocals, I don’t know why its 34?! Its one of my favorites. The keyboard and vocals mix nicely and to people that have not heard this song, LISTEN TO IT! ITS AWESOME!”

15. Vengeance (Dead Throne, 2011)

“I feel like this song may be about substance abuse, how people turn to drugs to solve their problem and in a way idolize them. Just a guess. This song and the rest of the album is amazing, maybe as good as Plagues.”

14. Sassafras (With Roots Above and Branches Below, 2009)

“I love how Prada is taking this album…It’s sort of making Christians see that they aren’t perfect just because they believe in Jesus. Not that I’m saying all Christians are bad, but there are so many that put themselves on this self-conceited pedestal.”

13. This Song is Called (Plagues, 2007)

“I believe this song is about lust and beauty . it’s about how temptation clouds our judgment and we put an obsession on beauty and that strays you away from how things or a person really is.”

12. Rosemary Had an Accident (Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord, 2006)

“One of my favorite songs: to me it’s about how a specific person wronged him and played him for a fool, until he realized the false pretense of it all and turned it around. I can sense the anger in the opening lyrics but there’s not any hatred within them; they’re just an affirmation.”

11. Gimme Half (With Roots Above and Branches Below, 2009)

“Lyrically and Instrumentally one of the most powerful songs to date. The Intro is strong and builds so much suspense for the amount of adrenaline the first verse feeds on. The breakdowns groove really well and a small amount of synth really kicks this song up a notch as they mirror brutality with pitchy harmony.”

10. Escape (Dead & Alive, 2012)

“Definitely one of the best songs they have dope ep too straight mikes strong on vocals and Jeremy’s cleans are great music is great in general as well as lyrics if you like tdwps heavier side this is the song for you also listen to dead throne their new album great stuff”

9. Danger: Wildman (With Roots Above and Branches Below, 2009)

“I mostly listen to the instruments of this song. Their guitar work is astounding. Kudos to Chris, Jeremy and Andy for working together and coming up with amazing harmonies that just flow through the song and the whole album as well”

8. Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over (Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord, 2006)

“Very powerful meaning behind this song. Didn’t like it at first, but the more you listen, the better it gets! Epicly awesome all over this bad boy. One of the best songs I ever heard.”

7. Mammoth (Dead Throne, 2011)

“Soaring melodies, inspired lyrics, and bone-breaking heavy riffs; this is one of my favorite songs by The Devil Wears Prada”

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6. HTML Rulez D00d (Plagues, 2007)

“Epic masterpiece. I love how the names of the songs make it seem (if you haven’t heard the songs or read the lyrics) that it’s a thuggish/emo/shallow band but then when you hear the lyrics (or read them, in some cases, Its hard to understand the lyrics from hearing) then they are amazing. The Most Epic band of all time.”

5. Born to Lose (Dead Throne, 2011)

“I Love this song is simply beautiful: “You don’t know what you need, we’re all so back and forth, nothing is as it seems, you don’t know what you need, we make the same mistakes, we’ve ruined everything.” this chorus is beautiful, great lyrics”

4. Still Fly (Punk Goes Crunk, 2008)

“I’ve listened to some other songs from Devil Wears Prada and was not much into their sound. I decided to give this song a try and I liked it almost immediately. After listening to this song for several days, went back to listen to some of their other songs and was ok with them. I am now fairly into this band, it just took some time to get used to their style.”

3. Dez Moines (With Roots Above and Branches Below, 2009)

“First song I heard from The Devil Wears Prada, and still remains the best in my opinion. There’s good harmony and chord progression throughout the song which gives it a chilling feel coupled with the vocals, which powerfully deliver… Definitely love it!”

2. Outnumbered (Dead & Alive, 2012)

“This song is amazing! Between the adrenaline-pumping screaming, and the great clean vocals, this is easily The Devil Wears Prada at their best!”

1. Hey John, What’s Your Name Again? (Plagues, 2007)

“This song is about how people try so hard to look pretty and gorgeous. How people use a lot of make-up, cosmetics, and surgery trying to obtain the perfect looks and body. But in the end its all for nothing because we’ll all end up aging into old people. And the song also gives the message that beauty has a very high price. I would definitely point this out to girls who are always trying to lose weight and who are very insecure. Looks aren’t everything.”