The Disco Biscuits Albums Ranked

The Disco Biscuits are a jam band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The band consists of Allen Aucoin (drums), Marc “Brownie” Brownstein (bass guitar, vocals), Jon “The Barber” Gutwillig (guitar, vocals), and Aron Magner (keyboards, synths, vocals). The band incorporates elements from a variety of musical genres with a base of electronic and rock. Their style has been described as trance fusion. Here are all of The Disco Biscuits albums ranked.

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2. Uncivilized Area (1998)

“Highlights for me on this album were Jamilia, M.E.M.P.H.I.S. , Little Betty Boop, and Vasilios was ok. You get to see a great deal of the bands chemistry but do yourself a favor and see them live. If you want to hear a sick bisco concert go to and download their new years concert from this past new years. Oh and definitely buy this album, there is a lack of talented artists left.”

1. Señor Boombox (2002)

“Floodlights is an amazing song in this cd. Jigsaw earth has its reggae roots and it sounds great. Me being a long time bisco fan and attending many of their shows know that no studio recording will ever match there live stuff, but this cd has really good quality. there are some awesome beats coming from Sam with his e-drum. there are guest drummers which combine to create great jams. overall the best song on this album was floodlights. it was full and loud with awesome vocal changing.”