The Ghost Inside Songs Ranked

The Ghost Inside, formerly known as A Dying Dream, is an American metalcore band from Los Angeles, California, formed in 2004. The band currently consists of vocalist Jonathan Vigil, guitarists Zach Johnson and Chris Davis, bassist Jim Riley and drummer Andrew Tkaczyk. They have released one EP and five studio albums, with their latest, The Ghost Inside, released on June 5, 2020, via Epitaph Records as a return from their hiatus. The Ghost Inside’s music has been classified as metalcore[ and “melodic, emotional hardcore”. They have self-identified as melodic hardcore, for example on their Facebook page. However, former bassist and backing vocalist Jim Riley stated in a 2013 interview that “to [him] the band is a metalcore band” and that they’re “similar to Unearth or As I Lay Dying or something like that, with a little bit fewer guitar solos and a little bit less singing”. He said that they are influenced by “an older generation of bands” such as Throwdown, Bury Your Dead (especially Beauty and the Breakdown), Misery Signals, Killswitch Engage, Unearth (especially The Oncoming Storm), and Bleeding Through, some of which he considers “seminal to what metalcore is”, as well as modern music that isn’t necessarily heavy (such as pop-punk), and that he himself listens “to a lot of emo”. In a 2009 interview, vocalist Jonathan Vigil stated that he grew up listening to punk rock bands such as NOFX and Less Than Jake before getting into heavier bands such as Hatebreed and Slipknot, while guitarist Aaron Brooks said that he listened to bands like Bad Religion before getting into Poison the Well, that one of his favorite bands currently are Comeback Kid and that he also appreciates Hatebreed. This musical background was further confirmed when Zach Johnson listed NOFX’s Punk in Drublic, Strung Out’s Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues, and AFI’s Black Sails in the Sunset as his favorite three albums. Here are all of The Ghost Inside songs ranked.

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10. Chrono (Returners, 2010)

“My god this song and especially the lyrics are awesome, it makes me want to scream out and I wish I could live like this, but the world only makes sense in a few fleeting moments.”

9. The Conflict (Returners, 2010)

“There are way too many closed minds in this world. No one should ever be written off or belittled for believing or not believing in something. This song specifically deals with Christianity. We, The Ghost Inside, are not a Christian band. However, we are by no means an anti Christian band. We are 5 different people with 5 very different beliefs. Standing on a stage, in front of a crowd of people, with a message and a microphone takes guts and creates controversy. The real conflict is the divisions created by such controversy. Everyone has a mind, and a voice, whether you agree with them or not, let them be free to use it.”

8. This is What I Know About Sacrifice (Get What You Give, 2012)

“I must say i love this album it is a natural progression for the band there is zero filler every song hits you just right and the energy is fantastic nothing to complain about if you love straight up metalcore with no bs this is it”

Get What You Give - Album by The Ghost Inside | Spotify

7. Thirty Three (Get What You Give, 2012)

“Very well-made, and very easy to listen all the way through. Super catchy breakdowns! Can get pretty heavy, while at the same time having some positive messages through the lyrics. Definitely recommend!”

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6. Unspoken (Returners, 2010)

“What can I say, love this album, their first album was great, but this is even better, breakdowns are harder, more musically matured as in they actually have a sound on this album, I also love the lyric as well, very meaningful and you can tell he wanted to say something and meant it, I just simply love this album because of how great workout album this is to get pumped to.”

5. Between the Lines (Returners, 2010)

“This is the only band that can show us rebuilding through song and through action and for it to hit on a level so intimate we know to expect nothing less. Every TGI song is inspiring in some capacity but this one still takes the cake.”

The Ghost Inside – Returners (2010, CD) - Discogs

4. The Great Unknown (Get What You Give, 2012)

“The album is full of fresh ideas and lots of melodies that go into the ear and stay there for a while. Many will probably be afraid that TGI would have lost their “hardness”, but that’s not the case, because they are not only convincing with melodious parts, but also typical breakdowns and riffs, which should delight every fan of the “harder” gait.”

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3. White Light (Get What You Give, 2012)

“I just wish that all of the people who say that songs don’t need screaming in them, I wish they could hear this because this is an example of something that can’t just be sung.  It just has so much more emotion to it.”

2. Dark Horse (Get What You Give, 2012)

“In my opinion, the lyrics suggest the problems with bullying and chauvinistic harassment. I could be wrong, but it sounds all about being tired of listening to people’s bullshit and dealing with others making themselves seem greater. It’s my opinion but the song does have a lot of intrepid value. Plus it sounds melodic”

Fury And The Fallen Ones - Album by The Ghost Inside | Spotify

1. Engine 45 (Get What You Give, 2012)

“This song and band is just amazing, the meaning of this song is just. Something that makes you think. I love songs that do that to me. I like it when an artist can do both and intertwine those style of singing really well, but don’t think Cory is the only one who can do so.”