The Kills Albums Ranked

The Kills are an English-American rock duo formed by American singer Alison “VV” Mosshart and English guitarist Jamie “Hotel” Hince. They are signed to Domino Records. Their first four albums, Keep On Your Mean Side, No Wow, Midnight Boom, and Blood Pressures, all reached the UK album chart. Their fifth and most recent studio album, Ash & Ice, was released in 2016 and reached the UK Top 20 album chart. The Kills were part of the line-up for Coachella 2016. The Kills fifth studio album, Ash & Ice, was released on 3 June 2016. A new single titled “Doing It to Death” was released in March 2016. The duo embarked on a lengthy world tour but was forced to cancel European festival dates after Mosshart suffered from pneumonia. In 2017 the group was the support act for Guns N’ Roses during the UK leg of their world tour. In 2018 they released a 7″ single with cover versions of ‘List of Demands (Reparations)’ and ‘Steppin’ Razor’ followed by promotional 7″ a year later for National Dive Bar Day, with the B-sides ‘Blue Moon’ and ‘Night Train’. Mosshart also published her multimedia book Car Ma later that year. Here are all of The Kills albums ranked.

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5. Ash & Ice (2016)

The Kills: Ash & Ice Album Review | Pitchfork

“A more organic sounding effort which is just great for me because I think Alison Mosshart is an exceptional vocalist and her voice shines when it’s presented raw. As much as I loved Midnight Boom, my favorite songs from the Kills are the lovesick ballads like “Black Balloon” and “Rodeo Town”. You can add “Echo Home” to that list. It’s near the end of this collection but it’s a standout alongside “Siberian Nights”, one of the more energetic numbers in this varied set.”

4. No Wow (2005)

The Kills: No Wow Album Review | Pitchfork

“Atmosphere-based low-key bluesy indie rock pleasure. This band found out their own, instantly recognizable sound, and decided to stick with it. If you don’t mind the lack of potential singles on this one, there’s no reason for fans not to like it, as it shows the same flaws (limited musician skills, limited vocals, sometimes awkward lyrics) and the same qualities (tight playing and structures, unique sound, dirty, dark atmosphere) the duo always had.”

3. Keep On Your Mean Side (2003)

Keep On Your Mean Side - Album by The Kills | Spotify

“Very simple and straight forward blues infused garage rock. That is something that on paper is very fine for me, if they manage to pull off the riffs. Unfortunatly these all sound like riffs i have heard better played elsewhere, particularly in White Stripes albums, and no matter how cool the vocal performance is, this only makes me want to play better garage rock out there.”

2. Blood Pressures (2011)

Kills, The - Blood Pressures - Vinyl LP - 2011 - UK - Reissue | HHV

“It’s just like every other Kills album. They haven’t really grown as a band, not even from their last album, Midnight Boom, infact they might have gone backwards if anything. On Blood Pressures the duo seem to have gone back to basics, stripping everything down. But Blood Pressures does have a Velvet Underground/early Lou Reed feel. It’s nice and it’s refreshing.”

1. Midnight Boom (2008)

Midnight Boom - Album by The Kills | Spotify

“This is definitely their best album. It’s also their most polished, poppiest work to date. With songs that you can really dance to and a limit on the sleaze, there’s more emphasis on the intriguing mix of slight electronic elements, come hither vocals and growling guitars. For some reason, this also feels more intimate than their earlier efforts as if they recorded it in the bedroom. Yes, their sound remains somewhat retro and rough, but there is enough here to push them into a more appealing version of their heady, druggy sexuality. Most striking among the little tweaks here and there is Alison Mosshart’s diva-esque presence. She has never sounded this front and center. She takes on Beth Ditto’s terrain in the sexy, bouncy “Cheap and Cheerful”. She gives Hope Sandoval’s narcotic drip a shot in the slower “Black Balloon”. I know it’s unfair for her partner here but I seriously wish the guy would stop singing and just give Miss Mosshart every vocal duty. She fits the role of a powerful frontwoman.”