The Kills Songs Ranked

The Kills are an English-American rock duo formed by American singer Alison “VV” Mosshart and English guitarist Jamie “Hotel” Hince. They are signed to Domino Records. Their first four albums, Keep On Your Mean Side, No Wow, Midnight Boom, and Blood Pressures, all reached the UK album chart. Their fifth and most recent studio album, Ash & Ice, was released in 2016 and reached the UK Top 20 album chart. The Kills were part of the line-up for Coachella 2016. The Kills fifth studio album, Ash & Ice, was released on 3 June 2016. A new single titled “Doing It to Death” was released in March 2016. The duo embarked on a lengthy world tour but was forced to cancel European festival dates after Mosshart suffered from pneumonia. In 2017 the group was the support act for Guns N’ Roses during the UK leg of their world tour. In 2018 they released a 7″ single with cover versions of ‘List of Demands (Reparations)’ and ‘Steppin’ Razor’ followed by promotional 7″ a year later for National Dive Bar Day, with the B-sides ‘Blue Moon’ and ‘Night Train’. Mosshart also published her multimedia book Car Ma later that year. Here are all of The Kills songs ranked.

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10. Hook And Line (Midnight Boom, 2008)

“I think it is about a guy that is a typical superficial sort that thinks he has to spend money on a woman- buy her things to make her happy (the “hook and line” spending on things); the reality is that she “blows away” because buying her love doesn’t bring the fulfillment of deeper (heavier) spiritual connection that would anchor their love.”

9. Sour Cherry (Midnight Boom, 2008)

“Hot song. I think it’s just about thinking about someone, and being frustrated about it, and wishing you could get them off your mind. Am I the only sour cherry on the fruit stand?=Am I the only sad person in the world?”

8. What New York Used To Be (Midnight Boom, 2008)

“To me, I think it’s about being in recovery and maybe reminiscing about how the city or your drug/booze/etc used to be because things have changed so much since you quit.”

Midnight Boom - Album by The Kills | Spotify

7. U.R.A. Fever (Midnight Boom, 2008)

“I love the kills… they remind me of the Beatles actually and I really like that. Alison has this awesome style I love how every music video of theirs is just them having fun.”

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6. Cheap And Cheerful (Midnight Boom, 2008)

“I think this is an ode to the crazy people of the world. Instead of praising the straight-laced, do-gooders with 401-K plans & a mortgage it’s praising the people who have drama in their lives, spend all their money on sex, drugs & rock n roll.”

5. Future Starts Slow (Blood Pressures, 2011)

“Ms. Mosshart is probably the sexiest woman in rock right now, but don’t overlook Mr. Hince’s guitar work on this track. It’s outstanding post-punk.”

Kills, The - Blood Pressures - Vinyl LP - 2011 - UK - Reissue | HHV

4. Black Balloon (Midnight Boom, 2008)

“I really can’t see this song being more perfect, at least lyrically. That’s how I appreciate and look at songs though, through their lyrics. The lyrics perfectly describe telling someone not to wait anymore, telling someone that you and they are over; that’s just my guess.”

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3. Tape Song (Midnight Boom, 2008)

“I think the song is about a compromised relationship. You’re trying hard to fix it, but nothing seems to work. Perhaps because it wasn’t meant to be in the first place. So instead of staying in regret and waiting for time to heal your wounds (which won’t, because time also brings other problems), you better let things go and move quickly forward.”

2. Last Day Of Magic (Midnight Boom, 2008)

“I think this song is about foreseeing the end of a relationship. But she doesn’t want it to end, or him either, so she has break-up sex with him “the last day of magic” to spark the relationship back up again. but she can’t find his passion there, his love for her is now non-existent “where are you?”, and she longs for the love he used to feel for her. but right now she’s just having sex with him, and she feels all of this going through her head.”

Keep On Your Mean Side - Album by The Kills | Spotify

1. Goodnight Bad Morning (Midnight Boom, 2008)

“I think it’s about holding on to a moment, wishing that it won’t ever pass. there are those moments, where you, besides all the crap that happened on that day, that happened in your life, that’s happening constantly all around the world, can simply enjoy the moment, the state you’re in. So it’s a good night. But another back moment when you realize that all that crap is still there, you just forgot it for a second.”