The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Albums Ranked

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus is an American rock band that was formed in Middleburg, Florida, in 2003. The band is best known for their 2006 single “Face Down” from their major-label release Don’t You Fake It and has released five studio albums to date. The current members are Ronnie Winter (lead vocals), Joey Westwood (bass), Josh Burke (lead guitar), Randy Winter (rhythm guitar), and John Espy (drums). Here are all of The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus albums ranked.

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5. The Awakening (2018)

“This was a great album that reminded me of 2006 when it mattered but was new, refined, and well put together the rest of the time. I can’t say enough about how great it is to hear some new RJA, I’ll definitely be going to see them when they come to town on their tour.”

4. 4 (2014)

“Great music with a potent surge of energy and great vocals. Still not crazy about the growling addition of vocals, but in limited use, it works alright. Seen these guys a year or so ago in st. Paul, MN and they put on a great show then.”

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3. Am I the Enemy (2011)

“This album is worth several fold. Its a total throwback to DON’T YOU FAKE IT without being the same album. While evolving the sound and writing, they have kept the theme consistent. This record is just as heavy in demonstrating vocals and lyric writing as it is with musical talent and instrumental rifts. These guys are clever and are very talented musicians. Each song has something special about it, whether it be a banging (heh) drum line or weighed guitar rip.”

2. Lonely Road (2009)

“The songs are very catchy and quite intoxicating, very creative tight musicians, great vocals.You think that they are going to mainstream with softer drum beats?  A good mix of hardcore and more ‘mainstream’ alternative! Very much enjoyed it and I hope they’re around for many many years”

1. Don’t You Fake It (2006)

“The first four songs are very fast-beat, very engaging, the next two after that somewhat simmer you down, and then your brought back up with songs 7-10. The last song listed song cools you down again, and you feel good that you just used, waisted, etc. your time on this CD.”