The Road Less Traveled Songs Ranked

The Road Less Traveled is the twenty-first studio album by country artist George Strait released by MCA Nashville in November 6, 2001. Certified platinum for sales of one million copies, the album produced the hits “Run”, “She’ll Leave You with a Smile” and “Living and Living Well”, the latter two of which were number 1 hits on the Billboard country charts. “Stars on the Water” and “The Real Thing” also charted at numbers 50 and 60 from unsolicited airplay. Four of this album’s songs are covers: “Stars on the Water” was originally cut by Rodney Crowell on his 1981 album Rodney Crowell; “The Real Thing” by Chip Taylor (as “(I Want) The Real Thing”) on his 1973 album Chip Taylor’s Last Chance; “Good Time Charley’s” by Del Reeves on his 1969 album Down at Good Time Charlie’s (as “Good Time Charlie’s’); and “My Life’s Been Grand” by Merle Haggard on his 1986 album Out Among the Stars. The song “She’ll Leave You with a Smile” is not to be confused with another song with the same name which Strait previously recorded on his 1997 album, Carrying Your Love With Me. Here are all of The Road Less Traveled songs ranked.

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10. She’ll Leave You With a Smile

She’ll Leave You With A Smile”, basically, is from the point of view of a guy trying to tell his friend about what happens when he(the friend) gets involved with a woman. It will be great at first, as the speaker says to his friend, but when she decides to end things, the man had better watch out, because “she’ll leave you with a smile”.

9. Don’t Tell Me You’re Not in Love

“Don’t Tell Me You’re Not in Love” works the steel guitar, fiddle, and guitar well with an “Amarillo By Morning” feel to it – but very relatable lyrics delivered in an unusually believable passionate manner.”

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8. Run

“Run is a good song but when you hear this whole album I mean that song just gets blown in the dust with all of these other great songs. If you are buying this for the Run forget about that because on this cd your in for a treat.”

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7. The Road Less Traveled

“The Road Less Traveled”, the title song, is about life’s lessons and taking risks(“The road less traveled ain’t for the faint of heart…Me I want to live my life and one day leave my mark”).”

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6. Stars on the Water

“Probably the song that has gotten the most press is George’s version of Rodney Crowell’s “Stars On The Water”. The song features the almost unthinkable: an electronically-treated vocal from George. People compare it to Cher’s “Believe”, but let’s not get carried away.”

5. Middle of Nowhere

“The Middle Of Nowhere” is a variation by George on the lost-love theme, this time about a man’s being abandoned by his lover and sitting on a mountain top trying to figure things out–literally, “in the middle of nowhere”. 

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4. Living and Living Well

“Living and Living Well” has the uptempo, pop feel of “Blue Clear Sky” and is very positive in its content about what one misses by not having someone to share life’s enjoyment with and again is written well.”

3. Good Time Charley’s

“Things get a bit “out there” again when bar room sounds are added to “Good Time Charley’s” – an effect that you might expect from say Garth Brooks but not George Strait.”

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2. Real Thing

“The Real Thing” is definately country, but again has such a catchy musical hook to it, it truly captures George’s signiture sound with a definite feel-good effect.”

1. My Life’s Been Grand

“My Life’s Been Grand” (Merle is said to have been deeply moved at hearing George’s version) show that George still knows where he came from; he just maybe realized it’s time to loosen up a little.”