The Stage Songs Ranked

The Stage is the seventh studio album by American heavy metal band Avenged Sevenfold. It was released on October 28, 2016, through Capitol Records, their first release through the label. It is the first Avenged Sevenfold album to feature drummer Brooks Wackerman, who joined the band in late 2014 but was not revealed as the previous drummer Arin Ilejay’s official replacement until Ilejay’s departure in 2015 because the band wanted to find a drummer that would “fit in”. Upon release, the album debuted at number four on the Billboard 200. The title track was nominated at 60th Annual Grammy Awards (2018) in the “Best Rock Song” category. The Foo Fighters won the award with their track “Run”. Here are all of The Stage songs ranked.

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11. Simulation

“This song is still growing on me, Its got a really interesting chorus/pre-chorus. This is another song that sort of questions what is real and what is not. In an interview M shadows said this is a song written about a guy who managed to hack into this greater power that is creating this simulation around us (AKA the real world around us) and gets punished for it by the strange “figures” that run the show. The song structure is very bizarre and almost reminds me of a modern day mr. bungle. Very cool song, shredding solo. Angry chorus, I love it, but I need to give it a few more listens to really appreciate it!”

10. Fermi Paradox

“his one is a hidden gem, once you get to this song, it really starts to liven things up again. It takes you into space and there’s no going back. The band went upon an interesting choice of using blast beats along with black metal guitars under a very melodic vocal line by m. shadows and it sounds game changing to me. It adds this very space like feel to it, almost as if your sitting in your chair preparing for take off and the rocket ship is chugging along with the blast beat as they count down 3,2,1… takeoff! And into the chorus you go! Absolutely brilliant song writing with very “out there” lyrics. I love everything about this song. Lots of visualization going on here and I could have this one on repeat all day. “

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9. Angels

“Whenever i get to this song I feel like i’m listening to a song nirvana would have written. I’m not too sue why but it fits A7X really well and it’s a curveball, which I like. Imagery wise, this one reminds me of a man sort of lost in his ways on some martian planet in the future. It’s really melodic and is the perfect song to slow things down on the record to get you wound up for whats to come. I really enjoy this song, its not as hard hitting as crimson day to me, but its still very good.”

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8. Sunny Disposition

“This song reminds me of the sun, simply put. I guess because of the name? Or maybe because of that intro guitar with those rides that just make me visualize heat? Whatever it is, they nailed it with this song. It’s got this gruesome undertone that’s almost disturbing. My favorite part of the song is obviously he chorus because THEM TRUMPETS THOUGH. Am I right? It’s so classic Avenged that is makes me laugh. I love everything about this song, the verse, the pre chorus, chorus, and the bridge… Man that bridge is so cool.”

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7. Creating God

“The verse to this song is just too good and too catchy. The twangy vocals mixed in with the funky drums is strange but so satisfying to hear. I find myself playing this one a lot, the chorus is incredibly catchy and.. big. I can’t describe it other than big, it just sounds so vast. This song speaks of “creating god” as in creating A.I. being that A.I. can essentially become our gods or we can become gods, should we combine ourselves with them. theres many ways to interpret this song, but to me this song just reminds me of humans constant curiosity.”

6. Higher

“If they don’t make a music video to this song, I’m going to be furious. This song has everything mapped out for it visually already. You can take anyone off the street and they would be able to envision some sort of rocket ship launching into space scenario. The singing is perfect, the guitar riffs are perfect, the drumming is perfect. This one reminds me of a man traveling from planet to planet in search of a lost friend he promised he would come back for. It’s a travel song to me sort of like “coming home” of their last album.”

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5. Paradigm

“This is the song that really focus’s on the bands, specifically M. Shadows’s, whole interest in artificial intelligence. It’s very enthusiastically written both lyrically and musically. Lots of imagery to be had when listening to this song. This is one of those songs, that when you listen to it, you being to imagine stories or scenes to match up the music. The solo reminds me of a man morphing with a machine and the wires crawling upon his skin to get into their correct positions.”

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4. Roman Sky

“This is a song written about a man being killed a long time ago for believing that there is more in this universe than just earth and the sun. It’s a very beautiful song that starts off with a relaxing guitar riff and then starts picking up with some strings and eventually ending with the full band. At first, i’m not going to lie, i felt like this song was a little corny and maybe a little too dramatic, but it’s been growing on me the more i listen to it.”

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3. God Damn

“Ever feel like you just need to thrash to something mindless yet super melodic? Well this is the perfect song just for that. This one’s heavy, and this one hits hard, nonstop. It kicks your ass and doesn’t give you a break until it’s over. It’s got some cool lyrics and sounds going on in i the background when you really listen to it with a good pair of headphones. There are some nice acoustics that come in about half way that are pretty cool too.”

2. Exist

“The longest Avenged Sevenfold song ever written. It was supposed to be, and is, a musical interpretation of the big band and i can tell you right now, without even knowing thats what they were going for, thats what I would have thought of when listening to it anyway, because thats how spot on it really is. The first 6 minutes of this song is just mind blowing, you are in space. The album is ending and you are in space floating, watching the big bang unfold. I strongly urge you when listening to this song, do it with a good pair of headphones, alone, with your eyes closed and let your mind take off. That’s where this song truly shines.”

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1. The Stage

“This is the song that opens up the album, it always reminded me of the THX intro’s to those 90’s movies on VHS’s. Very cool sound, it makes you feel like a show is about to begin so it’s time to take your seat and listen. This song lyrically, is so powerful and i think one of, if not the most hard hitting song when it comes to lyrics they have ever done. It’s just so good. The melody is aggressive and in your face, but the chorus is slow and releasing. Guitar work is brilliant. The solo, while simple, hits so hard with the drums in the background. I love this track.”