The Wallflowers Songs Ranked

The Wallflowers is an American rock solo project of American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jakob Dylan. The Wallflowers were originally a roots-rock band formed in Los Angeles in 1989 by Dylan and guitarist Tobi Miller. The band has gone through a number of personnel changes but has remained centered on Dylan. After releasing their eponymous debut album in 1992, the Wallflowers released what would become their best-known and highest-selling album, Bringing Down the Horse (1996), which featured the songs “One Headlight” and “6th Avenue Heartache”. Their next album, (Breach) (2000), would feature their first and only single—”Sleepwalker”, at number 76—to reach the Billboard Hot 100. “One Headlight” did not chart due to not being released as a single in the U.S.[1] The group later released an additional two albums before going on hiatus. In 2012, the Wallflowers reunited to release their sixth studio album, Glad All Over. Nearly ten years later, they are set to release their seventh studio album, Exit Wounds, in July 2021. The Wallflowers have won two Grammy Awards: Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal and Best Rock Song for “One Headlight” in 1998. “One Headlight” is also listed at #58 in Rolling Stone’s list of the 100 Greatest Pop Songs. Here are all of The Wallflowers songs ranked.

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15. Days of Wonder (Rebel, Sweetheart, 2005)

“Yes, it’s a song about war, and, judging by the tone of the last verse, it’s an anti-war song. What I don’t quite understand is why Dylan couples a song about war with so much beautiful natural imagery. My best guess is that Dylan is trying to drawn our attention to the beauty that we miss while we’re busy “killing time” and running “into oblivion’s open jaws.””

14. Hand Me Down (Breach, 2000)

“This is the most perfect song to listen to when you’ve had one of those days. It definitely sums up feelings of self-loathing and a strained parent-child relationship. Jakob Dylan is definitely up there with his dad and Kurt Cobain as one of the greatest songwriters.”

13. Love Is a Country (Glad All Over, 2012)

“This is just an amazing song that I never tire of. Jakob is a intelligent songwriter with a haunting voice. Have seen The Wallflowers a couple of times and plan on seeing them this month at the Paramount in Huntington, NY. A totally underrated band, as Jose says. Jakob’s father must be proud.”

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12. I’ve Been Delivered (Breach, 2000)

“Definitely one of my favorite songs anywhere, and as I found out a few years ago at a concert, also one of Jakob’s favorite songs ! This song is so beautifully and carefully crafted. You can’t successfully summarize a song like this, you can only write novels of it.”

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11. Invisible City (Bringing Down the Horse, 1996)

“I think the first verse is about a guy’s experience with the women that he’s met. every time another relationship fails he goes into a trance where he ignores the world around him to move on. and when he looks at the girls around him he can only imagine that putting time into a relationship with them could only yield the same result. But i think the lyrics leave it pretty open so that both men and women can relate to it like “They’ve come to my door, With one dozen roses…etc” means that people put on a pretty face and once you crack that mask you always find an ugly person under it that you end up hating but you still have a hard time getting over it.”

10. Josephine (Bringing Down the Horse, 1996)

“I personally think that the verse “I’ll make you ribbons from a paper bag” means that he will do anything in his power to make her happy even when things are bad. So if you think of it literally…if he’s got a paper bag…he’s going to make the best of it just to do something nice for her…”

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9. Sleepwalker (Breach, 2000)

“I think the song is about living life like a sleepwalker drifting through the night: without a conscious purpose, without knowing what will happen next, and without any path or direction. It is this precarious and spontaneous behavior that will be a savior by getting the girl and convincing people that he is not who they think he is.”

8. I Wish I Felt Nothing (Bringing Down the Horse, 1996)

“I think this song is about a relationship thats pretty much dead and it kills the guy, but the girl he is with dont even seem like she cares. So he goes on with this relationship seeing all the problems while the girl says everything is ok but its not.”

7. Bleeders (Bringing Down the Horse, 1996)

“I think it’s about being a melancholy kind of person. And feeling heartache and sadness like everyone else, but saying it and writing about it in a sentimental way and then having people tell you that you’re putting on act, like they should be impressed or you should be ashamed, because everyone bleeds, so why are you talking about it? Jakob is saying, well yeah sometimes I feel “overdressed” but I’m gonna sing about being sad and I’m not being “vain.” He’s just being himself and he won’t feel ashamed. It’s kind of like an “it’s okay to be a little emo” song. Even though emo is a juvenile term here. Oh well.”

The Wallflowers - Rebel, Sweetheart - Music

6. Laughing Out Loud (Bringing Down the Horse, 1996)

“Really catchy song with great lyrics and melody to boot. The meaning is hard to decifer but I think it’s about how ironic it is to try to be successful in anything. In the song he is getting pushed around by people he has no connection with.”

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5. Three Marlenas (Bringing Down the Horse, 1996)

“This song seems to be about a girl named Marlena, who is imagining herself as three different people. Each verse she is dreaming/thinking about herself in a different situation in life. The three Marlenas are the three different people she is imagining herself to be. Great song.”

4. The Difference (Bringing Down the Horse, 1996)

“I always thought that the song was pillorying Jakob’s dad the way he would later in “Hand Me Down.”–calling him immature (children, now they come in all ages…old men die with little boy faces) and referring to his penchant for womanizing (you always said that you need some…but you always had more than anyone.) I’m by no means confident of this interpretation, but it’s something to think about.”

Breach - Album by The Wallflowers | Spotify

3. 6th Avenue Heartache (Bringing Down the Horse, 1996)

“I believe in the song he goes on to say while he tours the country’s cities he feels like he never has a home because he’s constantly moving. In the second verse he relates himself to a homeless man in the line, “singin’ songs I knew complete.” In the last verse Dylan also refers to making it big and he thinks of a time when another musician’s music has touched that city by saying the 6 string is on the wall. The he says in the end the both moved on.”

2. Heroes (Godzilla: The Album, 1998)

“This is hands down the best cover of David Bowie Classic “Heroes”. I tempo is a little faster than the Bowie version, which I like. The Wallflowers really nailed it!!!!”

1. One Headlight (Bringing Down the Horse, 1996)

“What I like about the song is that the band’s lead man, Jakob Dylan (Bob Dylan’s son, of course) put a lot of effort in the song by placing his creative songwriting and dark storytelling into one extraordinary number that we all know and can sing along to (especially the chorus), which still delights me to this day.”