Tiësto Songs Ranked

Tijs Michiel Verwest OON (born 17 January 1969), known professionally as Tiësto is a Dutch DJ and record producer from Breda, North Brabant. He was named “the Greatest DJ of All Time” by Mix magazine in a poll voted by the fans. In 2013, he was voted by DJ Mag readers as the “best DJ of the last 20 years”. He is also regarded as the “Godfather of EDM” by many sources. In 1997, he founded the label Black Hole Recordings with Arny Bink, where he released the Magik and In Search of Sunrise CD series. Tiësto met producer Dennis Waakop Reijers in 1998; the two have worked together extensively since then. From 1998 to 2000, Tiësto collaborated with Ferry Corsten under the name Gouryella. His 2000 remix of Delerium’s “Silence” featuring Sarah McLachlan exposed him to more mainstream audiences. In 2001, he released his first solo album, In My Memory, which gave him several major hits that launched his career. He was voted World No. 1 DJ by DJ Magazine in its annual Top 100 DJs readership poll consecutively for three years from 2002 to 2004. Here are all of Tiësto songs ranked.

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20. In The Dark (Elements of Life, 2007)

“It is something which explains the word of my soul. And after hearing this track I’ve got completely addicted to Tiesto the greatest Dj”

19. Forever Today (Just Be, 2004)

“This song is better than Adagio for Strings (Adagio for Strings is still a fantastic song). Twelve minutes of epic electronic music (there is an orchestral part in the beginning which is spellbinding).”

18. Insomnia (The London Sessions, 2020)

“The best one ever, surprise to me that it wasn’t even on here. Start listening to it once and you will replay it several times, which makes you so addicted. A must listen to Tiesto fans!”

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17. Zero 76 (Club Life: Volume One Las Vegas, 2011)

“Yup this is a winner, even the stillest of stone cannot help but dance to this awesome epic song. The best song ever when you hear it you are completely in heaven, everybody have to listen this song.”

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16. Close To You (In My Memory, 2001)

“This is in my opinion the best love/slow dance song of all time (besides the masterpiece known as I Want to Know What Love Is by Foreigner). The synths are as amazing as relaxing and I also like the lyrics.”

15. C’mon (Club Life: Volume One Las Vegas, 2011)

“It’s a powerful, energetic party blaster that must be heard. Yes, it departs from Tiesto’s original trance, but that does not mean it’s terrible. It’s a great song at parties and feels like no other song I’ve listened to.”

Tiësto - A Town Called Paradise - TiëstoBlog

14. Dance 4 Life (Elements of Life, 2007)

“This song rocks and has some of the best beat patterns ever. Best storyline of a Tiësto song Love this! Always makes me want to jump and dance!”

13. Kaleidoscope (Kaleidoscope, 2009)

“Such beauty. You get lost in a song like this. The song culminates with a drop that is one of the best Tiesto has ever created. Truly one of his greatest, but under-appreciated masterpieces.”

12.Titanic Remix (Titanic Remix, 2009)

“This remix is so amazing that the composers of the original Titanic songs would be greatly impressed.. Love this song! Really brings out Tiesto’s trance roots.”

Tiësto - Kaleidoscope

11. Century (Kaleidoscope, 2009)

“Good vocals. I’ve been listening to Tiesto since 2000 and don’t mind his foray into progressive house. Just like his trance…most tracks are decent. This one actually makes me put my hands in the air…”

10. Chasing Summers (Miami) (Club Life – Volume 2 Miami, 2012)

“I LOVE THAT SONG! The Drop in the middle of the song is the BEST! I love when he counts in and then drops in to this really heavy and deep in and out beat.”

9. Just Be (Just Be, 2004)

“This album is a display of Tiesto’s genius. The album starts really strong, with couple amazing upbeat songs, then continues with some very interesting songs (kind of more laid back) and finishes again with some pretty powerful songs. The songs themselves are very varied and have a different feeling, while retaining the perfection of Tiesto’s work..”

Tiësto – Just Be (2004, CD) - Discogs

8. A Town Called Paradise (A Town Called Paradise, 2014)

“Tiesto continues to amaze me. I keep expecting to start getting tired of his music. This album shoes off his flexibility as an artist. He mixes several forms of POP and Dance music on this album to give you a well rounded exciting listening experience. This album makes me see why this man has a cult following of thousands of fans.”

7. Maximal Crazy (Club Life – Volume 2 Miami, 2012)

“I first heard this track in the Hardwell documentary “I Am Hardwell.” He was basically performing in Breda and he asks the crowd to simply sit down and when the ‘maximal crazy’ part drops, my gut closed up, my eyes welled up and my brain released a euphoric hormone. It’s funny how so many people out there think that electronic music is emotionless. This track made me happy. It was such a rare moment.”

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6. Silence (Karma, 1997)

“This is the greatest trance song of all time, and is also a prime example of Tiesto at his best. This song was voted the greatest trance song of all time.”

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5. Elements of Life (Elements of Life, 2007)

“Best song to work out to in the world. Hands down. It will make you feel like you are doing something profoundly epic! Adrenaline pumping track! Tiesto at his best!”

4.Traffic (Just Be, 2004)

“It was one of my first electronic music to be heard, I remember like it was yesterday. I can not explain what happened at the time, was one of the wonderful sensations of my life. “

3. Red Lights (A Town Called Paradise, 2014)

“This song makes you feel that you left earth and went to another planet. Awesome song! It’s got a great beat and the vocals are so cool! Totally timeless!”

Tiësto – Just Be (2004, CD) - Discogs

2. Urban Train (In My Memory, 2001)

“This song is literally the greatest song of all time. Extraordinary synths and amazing feel. Absolutely no song can top this. Tiësto is the music king (besides Metallica). We need more songs like this (even more songs like this probably couldn’t top this).”

1. Adagio for Strings (Just Be, 2004)

“Out of all the genres that I listen to, which is a lot, this is possibly the greatest song of all time. Credits go out to Samuel Barber for releasing the original, and Tiesto for absolutely nailing it! Every time I listen to it, I lose it. It puts me into a whole new world! Without a doubt Tiesto is the greatest DJ to walk the planet. Long live the greatest DJ in the world!”