Tommy Tutone Songs Ranked

Tommy Tutone is a power-pop band, known for its 1981 hit “867-5309/Jenny”, which peaked at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100. They are an example to some of a one-hit-wonder, even though they did reach the Top 40 the year before with “Angel Say No.” In 2017 with the addition of Steve Fister (Steppenwolf, Lita Ford) on guitar, Jimmy James switched to drums and the band released the single “My Little Red Book”. Jim Keller went on to become the director of Philip Glass’s publishing company, Dunvagen Music Publishers.  He still performs in New York City. Here are all of Tommy Tutone songs ranked.

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11. Teen Angel Eyes (The Last American Virgin, 1982)

“Aside from being a souvenir of one of the all-time great teen angst films and a competent early 80s hits collection, this album is most necessary for its exclusive songs. The roaring “Better Luck Next Time” is one of Oingo Boingo’s finest moments and, as of this writing, is only on this album. Tommy Tutone opening credits theme, “Teen Angel Eyes” also rings the bells of power pop perfection and it never turned up anywhere else.”

10. Sticks and Stones (National Emotion, 1983)

“No matter what song Tommy Tutone did it was always first rate. The band is one of my all time favorites. This album will not disappoint.”

9. I’m Still With You (Tutone.rtf, 1998)

“Their guitars and vocals are faultless, and adding the meshing together of the drums and keyboards have you believing they had been together for many years.”

8. Another Slow Dance (A Long Time Ago, 2011)

“An agreeable bit of pop-rock, and you’d be forgiven if you never expected to hear from them again. Great song and I love to listen to it everyday!”

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7. Not Say Goodbye (Tommy Tutone 2, 1981)

“There’s a vibe here that draws me in, but obviously didn’t draw in enough others. Too bad, as the talent was certainly in place. “

6. Everybody Else Is Wrong (Tutone.rtf, 1998)

“Tommy Tutone enjoyed a short heyday during the peak of New Wave in the early 1980s. The first two Tutone albums contained an array of power pop–music with hooks and an edge.”

5. I Wanna Touch Her (National Emotion, 1983)

“This is a great 80’s rock album. It has great stories to tell with their songs, and the songs have punch to them and are delivered with enthusiasm and spot on lyrics.”

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4. Laverne (National Emotion, 1983)

“Tommy puts out some of the best music you will hear! He’s a storyteller and has the perfect voice! Compare to their rivals they always stand out in terms of versatility.

3. A Long Time Ago (A Long Time Ago, 2011)

“Despite being a one-hit wonder, the rest of this album was decent for 1980s rock & roll. Not the worst songs I have heard in my life. Never left me with a desire for a second listen!”

2. Angel Say No (Tommy Tutone, 1980)

“Tommy Tutone other hit, which landed a few years before “Jenny” became an 80s staple. Meat & potatoes bar rock with a steady beat. Pretty nondescript, but not bad either.”

1. 867-5309 / Jenny (Tommy Tutone-2, 1981)

“With in the first little sprinkle of notes I’m usually highly excited that I’m about to experience one of my favorite songs from the ’80s….of course I’m talking about “867-5309 (Jenny)”. It’s my favorite song about a telephone number, and coincidentally my favorite song with the name Jenny in the title. I love the pronunciation used throughout the song, it’s almost like a parody of new wave punkers or something…in all likelihood they’re trying unsuccessfully to mimic such a thing. This is just one of songs that I will always sing along with, and always tee hee at, and always love in spite of it’s general badness.”