Toni Basil Albums Ranked

Antonia Christina Basilotta (born September 22, 1943), better known by her stage name Toni Basil, is an American singer, actress, choreographer, dancer, and filmmaker, best known for her multi-million-selling worldwide 1981/2 smash hit “Mickey,” which topped the charts in the US, Canada, and Australia and hit the top ten in several other countries. She has collaborated with David Bowie, Elvis Presley, Talking Heads (choreographing and co-directing the acclaimed video for “Once in a Lifetime”), the Monkees, Frank Sinatra, George Lucas, Quentin Tarantino, Jack Nicholson, Tom Hanks, Bette Midler, and The Muppets. Here are all of Toni Basil’s albums ranked.

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2. Toni Basil (1983)

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“A must-have album with pretty strong tracks in there and as Toni who is no one-hit-wonder proves that you have to go for the burn this album is produced by Giorgio Moroder and is a fine example of modern electronics in music!. go get it you will love it and be singin “suspense” in no time at all”

1. Word Of Mouth (1981)

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“I don’t have the album, but I do have the VHS cassette with videos (directed and choreographed by Basil herself) of several of these songs, and they’re all good — especially her covers of Devo’s “Pity You” and Burt Bacharach’s “Little Red Book”, along with her signature tune, “Mickey.” In fact, it’s probably a lot better to be able to see Toni Basil and her friends like Robot Dick and Spazz Attack dancing along to these breezy New Wave tunes. She’s been around a long time (you can catch her screen appearances in movies like “Village Of The Giants” and “Easy Rider”) and her ground-breaking choreography is still influential.”