Trapt Songs Ranked

Trapt is an American rock band formed in Los Gatos, California. It consists of lead vocalist Chris Taylor Brown, bassist Pete Charell, guitarist Brendan Hengle. They have recorded eight studio albums to date: Amalgamation (1999), Trapt (2002), Someone in Control (2005), Only Through the Pain (2008), No Apologies (2010), Reborn (2013), DNA (2016), and Shadow Work (2020). Here are all of Trapt songs ranked.

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20. Lost In a Portrait (The Punisher: The Album, 2004)

“Definitely Trapt’s most powerful song in my humble opinion and that’s saying a lot. Lost In A Portrait deserves at least top 5. Give it a listen, and you’ll see what I mean. It’s such an underrated beautiful song”

19. Lost Realist (Someone in Control, 2005)

“Incredible chorus and guitar, one of the few songs I have never got tired of listening to. Best trapt song in my opinion! Never get tired of it!”

18. Black Rose (Only Through the Pain, 2008)

“This song has such great meaning to every word and when you listen to it you feel the emotion he is singing. And if you like breaking benjamin type songs where the lyrics make the song great then this song is for you.”

17. Contagious (Only Through the Pain, 2008)

“This isn’t my all time favorite Trapt song but I’m voting for it because it deserves to be at least #3. Such a great song, good chorus, great vocals, well written, it’s all around a fantastic song.”

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16. Wasteland (Only Through the Pain, 2008)

“Just a great song, I get pretty sad when I think about how little people there are who actually like this band.. I know there are some of course but way to few”

15. Love Hate Relationship (Reborn, 2013)

“Great song, esp. if you’re in a love/hate relationship! sums it all up! Great beat and no playing around. Love it. Any fan of Trapt will not be disappointed with this track..”

14. Disconnected (Someone in Control, 2005)

“I think this is song is about a person who was/in a relationship where the other person really doesn’t care about them. the person is saying the other person is “disconnected” from him/her”

13. These Walls (Trapt, 2002)

“This is easily the best Trapt song. It’s got a rocking chorus and a nice mellow verse. And it’s impressive to see him play this live, because he sings and plays the guitar, and it looks so impossible.”

12. Living in the Eye of the Storm (Reborn, 2013)

“Oh man, this song should definitely be higher. I love all trapt songs but this one is the one that I think is the most underrated. Such an awesome song.”

11. The Game (Trapt, 2002)

“The Game was a surprise. I’d say they probably should have released this one as a single instead of Echo or Headstrong, but given Headstrongs hideous popularity what would I know? “

10. End of My Rope (No Apologies, 2010)

“There’s something unique in this type of music, not necessarily just nostalgia. Alternative music always has an “edge”. Bands like this one always seem to turn the simplest chord progression and the most childish vocal harmony into something completely epic and satisfying.”.

9. Influence (Someone in Control, 2005)

“This has to do with addiction, and the paranoia that is caused by the addicted. He feels insecure about himself and feels all is against him. He’s searching for help but cant seem to find someone close enough to him to make the difference to quit.”

8. Bring It (Reborn, 2013)

“This song like their others is worth a listen. Very catchy song .Trapt always has great lyrics too.It makes for an enjoyable listen. Love Trapt!! Brings back happy memories. Better, young and carefree days. Before the world has taken your innocence away forever.”

7. Echo (Trapt, 2004)

“This song is really nice I think its about when you break up with a girl and its hard to get over it like you cant just expect to move on strait away and you need time to sort yourself out before you stop thinking of her!”

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6. Sound Off (No Apologies, 2010)

“This song is clearly a big fuck you to the leaders.. Standing up and fighting for what you believe in even though governments try to push you down.. Its about voicing what you feel and making your own choices not being lead blind my hypocrites…”

5. When All is Said and Done (Trapt, 2002)

“I think this song is about a guy who is in a relationship that can’t go anywhere, maybe because one of them is moving away. First, he pretends to be angry at them, in an attempt to soften the blow. Then he wonders if he’s just wasted so much of his life with this person. Then he just doesn’t want it to end but time is catching up to him. Anyways, I’ve never been through a situation like that, but I would imagine that is about how it would go.”

4. Waiting (Someone in Control, 2005)

“This song in my opinion is talking about the longing one has for a previous lover. all the memories of their past and its driving him crazy realizing that he let the love slip away and wants another chance to prove to her that he can Make it RIght………it goes along with the theory about how you don’t realize how much you miss someone until their gone, and so after losing her once he will wait as long as it takes to have her back”

3. Stand Up (Someone in Control, 2005)

“This song is what would happen if I were to snap from being angered by the many jerks in our world. Everything about this song is great and is my favorite song from them. Stand up is one of the best Trapt songs out there! It makes me want to give all those jerks a good kick to the head.”

2. Still Frame (Trapt, 2002)

“The pure aggression and power of this song lends much to its beauty. I first heard it on the radio, so I am a little behind, but I downloaded it later that night. This song is absolutely awesome. It is raw as hell, it’s just out there and ready to take control. It’s quite a song.”

1. Headstrong (Trapt, 2002)

“This song is the best of trapt. It belongs here. No doubt about it, it’s so awesome and amazing. It’s every rocker theme song. It’s one of the best songs ever! I love them. Yeah! It gets me pumped up! You know that when a song does that-it’s good. All of it-to the lyrics to the beat-it’s just plain awesome!”