Troye Sivan Songs Ranked

Troye Sivan Mellet (born 5 June 1995) known professionally as Troye Sivan, is an Australian singer-songwriter, actor, and YouTuber. After gaining popularity as a singer on YouTube and in Australian talent competitions, Sivan signed with EMI Australia in 2013 and released his third extended play, TRXYE (2014), which peaked at number five on the U.S. Billboard 200. Its lead single, “Happy Little Pill”, reached number ten on Australian music charts. In 2015, he released his fourth extended play Wild followed by his debut studio album Blue Neighbourhood, whose lead single “Youth” became Sivan’s first single to enter the top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, peaking at number 23. His second studio album Bloom (2018) reached number three in Australia and number four on the Billboard 200 chart. Its lead single, “My My My!”, became Sivan’s second number-one single on the BillboardDance Club Songs chart. “Take Yourself Home” served as the first single from his EP In a Dream (2020). As an actor, Sivan was in an X-Men film portraying the younger Wolverine in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) and starred as the title character in the Spud film trilogy. As a YouTube personality, Sivan used to upload video blogs regularly and, as of 2021, has over 7.3 million subscribers and over 1.3 billion total views.[10] His video “The ‘Boyfriend’ Tag”, with fellow vlogger Tyler Oakley, earned them a Teen Choice Award in the “Choice Web Collaboration” category. In 2014, Time named Sivan as one of the “25 Most Influential Teens of 2014”. In 2018, he received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Original Song for “Revelation”, from the film Boy Erased, in which he also had a supporting acting role. Here are all of Troye Sivan’s songs ranked.

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15. Ease (Blue Neighbourhood, 2015)

“Troye and Broods’s voices come together so perfectly…and the entire song just puts me into a another trance-like state.”

14. Fun (TRXYE, 2014)

“His best one yet! From one chorus to another, it grows and grows and become more powerful! Full of tenderness and nostalgia!”

13. Animal (Bloom, 2018)

“With lovely lyrics that match its beautiful production, this is by far the best song off of Troye Sivan’s albums Never fails to make me cry.”

Troye Sivan - WILD Album Cover // Kim Taehyung Ver... - Tumbex

12. Suburbia (Blue Neighbourhood, 2015)

“My favorite song from the album, although it’s currently facing some competition from What a Heavenly Way to Die and Animal from the Bloom album. I just love how it reflects on the nostalgia of his childhood. Truly beautiful.”

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11. Lost Boy (Blue Neighbourhood, 2015)

“This song is about a boy (the singer) who’s young and not ready for a serious relationship or settling down. His boyfriend is being led on “build your hopes up like a tower, I’m giving you the run around,” when the singer talks about settling down and his future like kids or getting married. The boyfriend is in love with him and keeps coming back to him, which the singer doesn’t want, “What are you waiting for, cause someone could love you more”. He doesn’t have his shit together and want to live his life up while he’s young, keeping being a lost boy not ready to be found.”

10. Seventeen (Bloom, 2018)

“For me, this is the best of all Troye Sivan’s songs so far and it deserves at the top spot. Powerful lyrics and very emotional beat. Overall, it can easily beat his other successful singles like Wild, Youth and Bloom.”

Blue Neighbourhood (The Remixes) - Album by Troye Sivan | Spotify

9. Touch (TRXYE, 2014)

“The overall feeling one gets from hearing this song is beyond comparison. Troye’s vocals, the enchanting arrangement, and a fantastic overall production make this song work beautifully. Soft, quiet, and imaginative. PERFECT IN EVERY WAY!!! Troye promises to have a very successful and rewarding future in the entertainment business.”

8. The Good Side (Bloom, 2018)

“I love the meaning of this song. I believe it’s about his past relationship (maybe with Connor) and how Troye got the better side of the breakup, while his ex got the bad aftermath.”

7. Fools (Blue Neighbourhood, 2015)

“I love all of Troyes music but this song makes me cry everytime. It meant so much to me when i first listened to it as a kid and it still hits hard today. Hearing it again makes me feel connected to my past and his music has always helped me through the tough times when nothing else could”

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6. Heaven (Blue Neighbourhood, 2015)

“This song is so fantastic and beautiful. You’re music has always been so reassuring and has really been an inspiration to me as a bi dude. I listened to this song once and said to myself I will never pretend to be something I am not for one more second.”

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5. Youth (Blue Neighbourhood, 2015)

“Youth and the entire Blue Neighborhood album is awesome and Troye Sivan is one of those rare singers who sounds great on their albums but sounds so much better Live on Stage and to be able to accomplish that you have to have natural born talent which Troye Sivan definitely displays when he is performing Live.”

4. My My My! (Bloom, 2018)

“Young Wolverine’s all grown up now, into a sassy, sashaying, slinky lover boy who seduces the object of his desire with this mesmerizing but under-performed tune. Troye Sivan has a habit of letting his vocals drop in his performance of this song, which will only work for him until he matures a bit more. After that, we’ll expect more. Until then, we’ll take the club hits.”

Bloom Cd - Troye Sivan Bloom Album Cover Transparent PNG - 1200x1200 - Free  Download on NicePNG

3. Happy Little Pill (TRXYE, 2014)

“He rocks the notes and flows with the music! I go to you tube and look up this song whenever I feel like listening to Troye Sivan”

2. Wild (Blue Neighbourhood, 2015)

“Troye continues to surprise me with how good his music actually is. I bought his eps (and pre-ordered his album) just to support him as an artist I happen to love, and I always expect something more bubble gum poppy, but, so far, all of his music has been something even my husband typically enjoys.”

1. Talk Me Down (Blue Neighbourhood, 2015)

“The Blue Neighbourhood triology are the best and most beautiful music videos & songs i have ever heard. i cry every time, Troye’s work is so powerful”