Veil of Maya Songs Ranked

Veil of Maya is an American metalcore band, formed in Chicago, Illinois, by members Marc Okubo and Sam Applebaum in 2004. They are currently signed to Sumerian Records and have released six studio albums. Their first four albums are considered to be deathcore, but their fifth album, Matriarch, is considered to be metalcore. They have also been associated with djent. Veil of Maya formed in 2004 in Chicago, Illinois after melodic death metal band Insurrection broke up, which led members Marc (lead guitar), Sam (drums), and Kris (bassist) to start up the new project. Guitarist Timothy Marshall and vocalist Adam joined shortly thereafter. After recording a self-released demo in 2005, guitarist Scott Okarma briefly joined the group, participating in local shows and early touring. At this point, Veil of Maya was a six-piece band with three guitarists, but this only lasted for a few months before both Marshall, Adam, and Okarma left the band. Bryan Ruppell replaced them both on rhythm guitar thus reverting their lineup back to five members. Here are all of Veil of Maya’s songs ranked.

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10. Mikasa (Matriarch, 2015)

“.I guess this is the band’s first w/ clean vocals and first album with vocalist Lukas Magyar. I amazed at his ability to scream and then layout such angelic vocals… I see a lot of fans complaining about the clean vocals…however I think it balances the track out. If you are a true fan of a band, you will be able to appreciate that band evolve and try out new things. This track has brought me on as a fan of VOM and I look forward to discovering more about this band!”

9. Vicious Circles (Eclipse, 2012)

“Love these guys, and liked this song so much that I have to be careful not to play it out. First time I heard it I replayed it a few times over. Very dynamic and unique band. In this overcrowded genre, this band really stands out.”

8. Crawl Back (The Common Man’s Collapse, 2008)

“The album itself goes from good to amazing throughout its duration, every song seems to get better and better as it goes along. Improved and more concise than their debut album (which was itself pretty good), and now finally live up to their name.”

Veil of Maya - The Common Man's Collapse Lyrics and Tracklist | Genius

7. Unbreakable ([id], 2010)

“Contrary to common belief not ALL music is related to religion, Christianity in particular. This album has close to nothing to do with Christianity, although I see where this is coming from. This entire album is about the idea of ID or identity. This song in particular speaks about ones self empowerement, becoming unbreakable.”

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6. Namaste ([id], 2010)

“Great song with great lyrics. It is a perfect scenario where a song is literally created after nothing more than a show (time signature and lyrics) but yet there are those who feel the need to apply their knowledge and claim they are correct.”

5. Outsider (Outsider, 2020)

“The vocals are so outrageous, the screaming is so crystal clear, i can hear every word. I really admire being able to hear lukas’ voice breaking up in that last scream. They said a perfect take and go for a real one and I love it so much more.”

Veil of Maya – [Id] (2010, Grey Artwork with Slipcase, CD) - Discogs

4. Ellie (Matriarch, 2015)

“I like how Markus adds variation to the sound. Its not just one thing throughout, he mixes it up with screams/growls and cleans. Its something different. I like it.”

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3. Viscera (Viscera, 2021)

“I feel like they finally found their sound with this one. Lucas vocals sound so natural with this type of flow. Will always be one of my favorite bands”

2. We Bow In Its Aura (The Common Man’s Collapse, 2008)

“This song’s either about religion, or something stupid such as internet geeks and world of warcraft. It would make sense either way, it all just depends on how much meaning and figurative language Veil of Maya would put into their lyrics, which is something that i have no idea about.”

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1. It’s Not Safe to Swim Today (The Common Man’s Collapse, 2008)

“I think it’s about commitment…and how he’s afraid to make a commitment and the person he’s afraid to commit to is the water…you know? like he pushes them away and exhales “water” then he can finally breather… and how can he trust anyone when he can’t trust himself…. he doesn’t think he can commit so he ends up alone? I don’t know just a thought.”