Wavves Albums Ranked

Wavves is an American rock band based in San Diego, California. Formed in 2008 by singer-songwriter Nathan Williams (born June 12, 1986), the band also features Alex Gates (guitar, backing vocals), Stephen Pope (bass guitar, backing vocals), and formerly Brian Hill (drums and backing vocals). On March 30, 2021, Wavves have released a new single called “Sinking Feeling” and have released another single on May 4, 2021, called “Help is on the Way”. They have also announced on the same day on their Instagram page that their seventh studio album HIDEAWAY is set to release on July 16, 2021. Stephen Pope has also announced the upcoming studio album on his Instagram as well. Here are all of Wavves’ albums ranked.

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7. Life Sux (2011)

Wavves – Life Sux (2011, CD) - Discogs

“Wavves continues to evolve into the perfect pop sound of Nirvana and Green Day, without all the emotional baggage. Best thing he’s done yet.”

6. Wavvves (2009)

Wavves: Wavvves Album Review | Pitchfork

“As the disc played I kept thinking of early Half Japanese. Now, there’s no real similarity in style, but there is an aesthetic similarity, mostly in the seeming attitude of not looking for “good” but rather looking for “good enough.” Granted that can lead to some awful results, but as in the case of Half Japanese, it comes off as a lot of fun here. The band doesn’t really seem to take themselves seriously at all (fortunately, as that path leads to nothing good) and so we have a roughly hewn hunk of noisy goodness.”

5. You’re Welcome (2017)

Wavves: You're Welcome Album Review | Pitchfork

“The vocals are decent. The hooks are decent. The sonics on this thing are decent. The choruses are decent. Everything about it is decent, and I can’t find much to love or hate about it. Kind of frustrating actually. But my overall opinion is pretty positive, I guess. I really dig “Exercise” and will probably have it spinning on my “currently listening to” playlist so I’d call the overall listening experience a success just based on that.”

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4. Wavves (2008)

Wavves | Wavves

“This seems to be a very polarizing album. Maybe because it seems that Nate Williams has come too late for the lo-fi party. Although last year’s album he did under the moniker of Fantastic Magic with some other guys was indeed fantastic, this one switched gears from the psych-folk aspect of that album to the soon bubbling over scene of lo-fi punk.”

3. V (2015)

Wavves: V Album Review | Pitchfork

“With V, Nathan Williams & Co. continue their trend away from the lo-fi sound that shaped their output early in their career and towards the cleanest and most accessible sound that we have heard. Though some may argue this as a regression, it is truly anything but. It feels like a natural regression for a band that over the better part of a decade has continued to gain traction and confidence and, instead of running out of ideas to make their music lively and also enjoyable, they have refined older ideas just enough to make their newest output distinct while still maintaining a quality and sound that is unarguably, indisputably Wavves at their finest.”

2. Afraid Of Heights (2013)

Afraid Of Heights - Album by Wavves | Spotify

“A very good follow-up to 2010’s King of the Beach, Wavves kick out of the buzzy indie rock jams on Afraid of Heights. Despite the patina of noise, song after song here bubbles with catchy pop hooks. Even when the band sound ticked off and anxious, they still create a good-time summer vibe that’s surprisingly easy to listen to again and again.”

1. King Of The Beach (2010)

Wavves - King Of The Beach - Amazon.com Music

“Soaked in the rays of the California sun and perhaps a few choice narcotics, King of the Beach is fun if nothing particularly new. The album gets off to a pretty rambunctious start and for the most part keeps that energy going from start to finish. Here and there things get a little heavier on the psychedelic side, but generally speaking it has that warm glow about it.”