Wavves Songs Ranked

Wavves is an American rock band based in San Diego, California. Formed in 2008 by singer-songwriter Nathan Williams (born June 12, 1986), the band also features Alex Gates (guitar, backing vocals), Stephen Pope (bass guitar, backing vocals), and formerly Brian Hill (drums and backing vocals). On March 30, 2021, Wavves have released a new single called “Sinking Feeling” and have released another single on May 4, 2021, called “Help is on the Way”. They have also announced on the same day on their Instagram page that their seventh studio album HIDEAWAY is set to release on July 16, 2021. Stephen Pope has also announced the upcoming studio album on his Instagram as well. Here are all of Wavves’ songs ranked.

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10. Nine is God (The Music of Grand Theft Auto V, Vol. 1: Original Music, 2013)

“I love how the guitar feedback at the end resembles the sound of someone flat lining in a hospital. It goes so well with the theme of the song.”

9. No Hope Kids (Wavvves, 2009)

““No Hope Kids”, is seemingly the most dynamic song on the record and seems rich and textured despite the gritty recording. One of the classic wavves songs and one of the first I ever heard”

8. Super Soaker (King of the Beach, 2010)

“”Super Soaker” continues in a similar way, featuring an irresistible falsetto vocal hook. Elsewhere, the band moves away from the pop-punk template of these tracks and into far more experimental territory”

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7. Bug (Life Sux, 2011)

“I wonder if this is Nathan reflecting on himself and how people view him. If he finds himself being that bug or if this is him just reflecting on someone he knows. Anyways, really enjoy this tune by Wavves.”

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6. So Bored (Wavvves, 2009)

“Wavves are tough to defend, particularly since their batting average is nowhere near sterling and they kinda grabbed onto the coattails of a scene bred by others.”

5. I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl (Life Sux 2011)

“I love this album. I wanna meet Dave Grohl is the best song on the album. Nodding Off is another great song. i enjoyed listening to this album”

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4. Weed Demon (Wavvves, 2009)

“Weed Demon”, on the other hand, doesn‘t seem primitive at all with its slower, less brash approach masking its true nature.”

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3. Green Eyes (King of the Beach, 2010)

“A perfect summer album. Fun and melancholic, almost every tune is catchy and memorable. I can understand people not enjoying this but listening to this during sunny weather, surrounded by beautiful scenery and good friends, elevates this to elder god tier.”

2. Post Acid (King of the Beach, 2010)

“Maybe it’s just how I see it, but the young and punk sound of this song, along with the “simplistic” lyrics, it’s just misleading. ‘I’m just having fun with you’, it could be that, yeah, its about having fun, but it could be too that… it’s about just being a total dick with you, making fun of you, and maybe in, probably , revenge, as stated in “won’t you understand” and “won’t you hold my mind”. So, the song could be about just having fun with you, or about a relationship being based on total disregard for each other, like a “joke relationship”.”

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1. King of the Beach (King of the Beach, 2010)

“Wavves has been characterized by a Californian punk surf sound and this album is the definitive proof of this. Strident and fast guitars that maintain an energetic vibe, with songs like “King of the Beach”, “Green Eyes” and “Post Acid” you have beats worthy of a trip to the beach with the right attitude.”