What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits Songs Ranked

What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits is the fourth studio album by American rock band The Doobie Brothers. The album was released on February 1, 1974, by Warner Bros. Records. The second single released was “Eyes of Silver”, another Johnston penned tune. According to him, “Wordwise, that one really isn’t that spectacular. I wrote them at the last minute.” That song did not have much success on the charts either, peaking at only #52. Grasping for chart action, Warner Brothers re-released the band’s first single, “Nobody”, backed with Tiran Porter’s instrumental “Flying Cloud”. This release was soon overshadowed when radio stations discovered “Black Water”. Other stations joined in and the song was officially released as a single that went on to sell over a million copies and became the Doobie Brothers’ first #1 hit. “Black Water” had been featured as the B-side of “Another Park, Another Sunday” eight months earlier. Here are all of What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits’ songs ranked.

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12. Flying Cloud

“Flying Cloud,” written by Doobies bassist Tiran Porter, is one of the rare instrumental tracks from the Doobies, and they make the best of the opportunity, with very spacy guitar and a relaxing feel to it.”

11. Road Angel

“The explosion of Road Angel is just an all-out jam showcasing the Brothers at their instrumental peak. This is my favorite Doobie Brothers album. It brings back such great memories; as my memory is fading.

10. Daughters of the Sea

“Daughters of the Sea once again shows off Simmons – its an allusion to Greek Mythology and the Odyssey. finally, Tiran Porter, the great bassist, shows off his lighter side with a flowing and dreamy instrumental track (complete with bird sound effects).”

What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits : The Doobie Brothers (LP, Album) –  Core Of The Poodle

9. Eyes of Silver

“Eyes of Silver – wow, gotta love the horn section in this one – this is a great unkown Doobie hit. In my vast collection of music, this is without question my favorite.”

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8. Another Park, Another Sunday

“Another Park, Another Sunday is the best song on the album. Its a very non-traditional Doobie tune, but it is so hreartfelt, and the ending to it is one of the best mood-fitting conclusions ever. It just trails off so beautifully.”

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7. Black Water

“The album contains their first number one hit, “Black Water”. The song is beautifully structured and, as the song suggests, has the easy feel of a boat floating down the river.”

6. Down in the Track

“The Wonderful hard Prison Blues of Down In The Track were actually cowritten by two old musicians who spent a long time on a chain gang for a crime they committed in the 30s! Its a great track and captures the mood well with some great guitar work.”

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5. Pursuit on 53rd St.

“Pursuit on 53rd Street is as hard a rocker as the Doobies make, and you really feel like your followin’ “the lady all dressed in black. “Pursuit On 53rd St.” is the exact opposite of “Black Water”.

4. Tell Me What You Want (And I’ll Give You What You Need)

“Tell Me What You Want (and I’ll give you what you need) shows off the depth of Simmons’ lyrics and cohesion with music to its fullest. You can never fail with anything done by the Doobie Brothers. Good music.

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3. Spirit

“One of those albums where it was made to “partake” while listening. SPIRIT–“children with a real good face they’re always smilin’, laughin’ and playin’ in the middle of the afternoon, treatin’ each other like brothers and sisters dooooo-oooowooowoo…..in the middle of the afternoon, east and west, wherever you go.”

2. You Just Can’t Stop It

“Simmons also wrote “You just can’t stop it” a jazzy feelgood, boogie song performed by Tom Johnston. One of the more entertaining songs on the LP.”

1. Song to See You Through

“This is a GREAT album. Period. There is no weakness track to track, and it manages to be eclectic and flow well at the same time! Song to See You Through is a great memphis soul tune.”