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Joseph Thomas Youngman (born March 17, 1982), better known by his stage name Wolfgang Gartner, is an American DJ and music producer. Much of his music prior to 2010 was released through his own record label, Kindergarten, but he signed with Ultra Records in 2010 and Ministry of Sound in the UK in 2011. Gartner has performed at a number of music festivals including CounterPoint 2014, Camp Bisco 2011 and 2013, Neon Desert Music Festival 2013 World Electronic Music Festival 2012, Electric Forest 2012, Sasquatch! Music Festival 2012, Coachella 2010, 2013 Electric Daisy Carnival 2010, 2011, and 2013, Ultra Music Festival 2010 through 2013, Parklife (Australia) 2011, Creamfields (UK) 2011, Global Dance Festival 2012, Electric Zoo 2011, 2012 and tours extensively around the world. In 2010, Gartner debuted as a featured guest on BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix series, hosted by DJ/producer Pete Tong. Here are all of Wolfgang Gartner’s songs ranked

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10. Unholy (Unholy, 2014)

“The percussion and production on this is absolutely fantastic — glad to see Killa Graham x NYMZ not using the same damn synths they always use for this project. This is refreshing.”

9. We Own the Night (Club Life, Vol. 2 – Miami, 2012)

“This is the song that changed my life forever, first ever EDM song i listened to back in 2012, since then EDM is pretty much all I listen to and my favorite music.”

8. Push & Rise (Back Story, 2012)

“Have been enjoying the Wolfgang Gartner station on Pandora for a while, but when I heard this track the other day I knew I had to have it. Love the tunes, love the lyrics, this song makes me want to dance!”

Back Story - Wolfgang Gartner | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

7. Channel 42 (> album title goes here <, 2012)

“Its a great EDM song but you can tell the only thing Deadmau5 did on this track was the kick and snare/clap. Everything else like the melody and synth design was clearly made by Wolfgang. Still a great song though.”

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6. Nuke (Love & War, 2012)

“Definitely recommend to others, probably more for those that are familiar with dance and electronic music, trance fits in this as well. I do not regard myself an expert.”

5. The Devil’s Den (Bangarang, 2011)

“I figured out why I love dubstep or trap, whatever you wanna call it. This type of music is very mentally stimulating. It completely stops any negative thoughts because just listening to it is distracting enough.”

Wolfgang Gartner – 10 Ways To Steal Home Plate (2016, 320 kbps, File) -  Discogs

4. Overdose (Overdose, 2013)

“Awesome Single/Duo By Wolfgang, Love his stance as a house artist. Hopefully He comes out with some more tunes. I love all his work. Overdose is a very catchy song that pulls you in with its unique Bass lines and Progressive Rhythms that are easy to love.”

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3. Animal Rights (4×4=12, 2010)

“Classic Wolfgang synth’s and drops multiplied by the killer verse -chorus verse… this will be a big one for Wolfgang…but don’t worry, he’ll give you breathing holes”

2. Space Junk (Weekend in America, 2011)

“If my stereo would be able to go so loud that my ears could be blown off by the song I would hate this song, because it would be too epic for my ears. You shouldn’t listen to this piece of music, it’s so epic that it would kill the ears of everyone who listens to it properly”

Wolfgang Gartner – Weekend In America (2011, CD) - Discogs

1. Illmerica (Weekend in America, 2011)

“I love this song and specially this video, it is just soo smartly created with subliminal messages in each second, I feel like this is the true story of the US not because of that is reasonable to hate a nation, is has been the same way with nearly all developed countries ( obviusly taking off all the independence stuff), where people colonized other countries and took advantage of the resources and slaves, it is unfair I’m not making any sense out of it but it is how the world worked and now it is our time to act, not to full ourselfs with unproductive hates”