World Painted Blood Songs Ranked

World Painted Blood is the eleventh studio album by American thrash metal band Slayer. It was released through American Recordings and Sony Music on November 3, 2009 and was produced by Greg Fidelman and executively produced by Rick Rubin.[2] It is the band’s only album produced by Greg Fidelman and the last with guitarist Jeff Hanneman. With much anticipation for the album after 2006’s Christ Illusion, members of Slayer began revealing information about the album beginning in early 2009. Three singles were released from the album: “Psychopathy Red”, “Hate Worldwide”, and “World Painted Blood”. “Psychopathy Red” leaked onto the internet over a year before its release, and was released as a seven–inch single on April 18, 2009. The album received generally positive reviews from music critics. It was praised by The A.V. Club, who said that the “resounding success in that regard: It’s eclectic, but never self-consciously so.” “Hate Worldwide” and “World Painted Blood” were both nominated for Best Metal Performance at the 52nd and 53rd Grammy Awards, respectively. The album peaked at number two on the US Top Hard Rock Albums chart, as well as twelve on the Billboard 200 and forty-one on the United Kingdom album chart. Here are all of World Painted Blood songs ranked.

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11. Human Strain

“This is one i really don’t care for, a lot like Eyes Of The Insane which was probably the worst slayer song since, i dunno that last bad slayer song. They really don’t have many but this one i just couldnt hack. A bit slow and bland”

10. Snuff

“No its not about copenhagen, rubbing or spitting. It tells graphically the story of Underground Snuff Films, for those who dont know watch the movie 8mm. Simulated, rape, violence, sex and murder, typical slayer!! Not my favorite, the riffs are enh bland, but still fast and good none the less.”

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9. Not of This God

“Crazy riffs, fast as hell, and rivals(speed wise) anything on Reign in Blood, along with Psychopathy. Reminds you of God Hates Us All, just faster. In other words Slayer are not of THIS god, but rather the one below, i would say(wink)”

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8. Unit 731

“Havent given this one the MOST thorough listen yet, and not sure what its about, but seems like a war song, similar to War Esemble Expendable youth. Another fasty, with great old school riffs, and double bass. Oh yeah and Tom of course”


7. Playing with Dolls

“Not Bad, its slow and has that Desire, and Dead Skin Mask feel, not sure if its the serial killer song of the album but maybe so. Havent listened to it enough to really tell. A decent track though. I’m stuck on the others”

6. Beauty Through Order

“Definitely another favorite, this song reeks of old school SOUTH OF HEAVEN’s, SPILL THE BLOOD. Love it, all about seduction, blood, immortality, and vampires. Listen to the mid section you’ll hear BEHIND THE CROOKED CROSS, and a little part also of SILENT SCREAM. Rocks.”

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5. Americon

“Clear standout is track eight, “Americon,” which marries a cool tribal beat intro with a memorable “wah-wah” guitar lead, a sludgy, grungy bass bottom, decisively political lyrics (i.e. “it’s all about the oil!”), stomping, galloping drums, well-placed tempo changes, and three surprisingly ripping solos.”

4. Public Display of Dismemberment

“I look for Cannibal Corpse to cover this one soon, sounds like a title they would come up with. Dave shows off his blast beats, double bass combo chops, and definitely has the Death Metal feel riffs, quite an extreme song even for Slayer. Fast and relentless.”

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3. Psychopathy Red

“Pure old school Slayer from beginning to end, its a cross of Dittohead and Angel Of Death, mainly the main break riff of Angel, and the speed(with lyrics) and drums sound of Divine. I can’t believe tom is 48!! and belts out screams that i couldnt even dream off, listen at the end Tom sounds like he’s screaming on HELIUM!!! lol. Awesome.”

2. Hate Worldwide

“I’m a godless heretic, not a god fearing lunatic, that’s why its become my obsession to treat god like an infection”, that says it all, fast all the way, and very very catchy.”

10 Best Covers of Slayer Songs

1. World Painted Blood

“An eerie backwards Tom Araya, with a drum roll and something that sounds like he’s talking to a child. Its fast furious and very creepy mainly because it talks about things going on now, that werent! when the song was written. “Like a disease spreading death, erasing your existence”…swine flu anyone? Also the middle break just has the coolest groove with tom speaking his usual evil lyrics, about being (de)manufactured in HELL!!”