Worship Music Songs Ranked

Worship Music is the tenth studio album by American thrash metal band Anthrax. The album was released on September 12, 2011 internationally, and on September 13 in the United States. It was the band’s first album of original material since 2003’s We’ve Come for You All, the first full-length Anthrax album since the return of longtime vocalist Joey Belladonna, and the final album with guitarist Rob Caggiano prior to his departure in January 2013. The album’s creation was a lengthy process, with work beginning as early as November 2008. The album was delayed due to issues with the departure of vocalist Dan Nelson, and for a short period of time the re-joining of John Bush who ultimately decided not to commit to the album. The band eventually reunited with Belladonna, and finished recording in April 2011. Worship Music was positively received upon release, with critics describing it as “fresh and eruptive as ever” and qualified it as a return to form for the band. The record debuted at number 12 in the United States, their highest chart position since 1993’s Sound of White Noise. Here are all of the Worship Music songs ranked.

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13. Worship

“I am a big fan of ambient intros and such. This one, however, is completely pointless. It doesn’t lead into what follows. It’s just there. What were they going for, Bonded By Blood? They missed it by a country mile. The intro to BBB is short, this should have been the same.”

12. Hymn

“This actually works. Sounds synth-y, but like I said, I like things like this, and it works. Best thing I have heard so far.”

11. New Noise

“That intro was pointless. What is this trying to be, creepy? God, another tough guy sounding song. Hold on, I got to go work out really fast. What the hell is this song about? Dancing? What happened to Metal Thrashing Mad? TALKING VOCALS? REALLY? Help me… please, help me. I just don’t even know what to say about this one. “

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10. Crawl

“Again, that clean tone just doesn’t do it. It needs some chorus on it or something. Oh god, when those vocals kick in, it sounds like Puddle of Mudd. Man, Charlie, build those toms. WOW, THAT VERSE RIFF SERIOUSLY SOUNDS LIKE PUDDLE OF MUDD! Just nothing gripping me in as thrash. It’s all radio rock. Chorus is nothing special at all. The mini solo after the chorus works, helps propel it back into the verse, at least.”

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9. Earth on Hell

“Starts with probably the fastest thing on the album, but isn’t very clean. In the verse riff, there is a nice dissonant chord that starts it, and the riff is RUINED by putting pointless rests in the guitars and bass drum. Ladies and gentleman, get used to this, because pointless rests are EVERYWHERE. Even at this slow tempo, that riff packs energy, yet it is all taken away when instruments stop.”

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8. The Giant

“It starts with snare drum and a boring bend riff. Not for me. And what do you know about the verse? RESTS. MORE RESTS. That’s why this album lacks energy, they keep pulling the potential back down. And a sing a long chorus. Slow, poppy, and boring. The middle riff is a variation of the the first one, without the bend at least.”

7. The Constant

“What the hell is this? A PG-era WWE wrestler’s (sorry, sports entertainer) intro? Another “gym” riff. I almost expect to be called “bro” as I listen to this. That verse is nothing special, and the chorus isn’t either. They have a semi-sequence in there (I use sequence loosely), but it is so happy. I want energy, aggression, and intensity from Anthrax.”

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6. Judas Priest

“I like the band Judas Priest, and this sounds nothing like them if that’s what they’re going for. They should have called this song Shinedown. The guitar lead works, but the riff is just so… happy. ANOTHER VERSE RIFF WITH RESTS AND MINI SING ALONG SECTIONS. Get a new idea, Ian. Chorus itself isn’t so sing along, but slow and not intense.”

5. Revolution Screams

“They tried to do something aggressive in that intro, but it lacks something. Something isn’t propelling it to where it should be. Having that repeating “blast” helps. That verse riff just doesn’t hit. It actually works better when the drums do the straight mid tempo beat, but the tempo is just so slow, that it’s not as punishing as it could be.”

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4. The Devil You Know

“Wow, this song is just…wow. What the hell, are they trying to be tough and failing terribly? That verse riff goes on wayyyyy too long. And it’s a boring riff. It’s like a “tough guy” riff… The crap you hear when hanging out with some bikers who think this is the hardest thing ever. The pre-chorus is nothing special. You know, there have only been like 5 riffs on this album so far. Just saying. Anyways, this chorus? It’s pop. This is not thrash. Nothing so far has been thrash metal. This is a pop, Saliva-esque, chorus. “

3. I’m Alive

“Clean guitar tone is crummy. Nothing ambient about it. Hey, isn’t this a Manson song? Yeah, yeah! The Beautiful People, right? Oh, it’s not? Oh, well maybe they shouldn’t play that boring rhythm with RESTS for like 2 minutes. Wow…it’s going into the verse. BOOOOORING. These guys want to fit in more with Disturbed and Shinedown, than Exodus and Demolition Hammer.”

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2. Fight ‘Em Til You Can’t

“Got the radio intro, that works in this one. Those intro hits hit like an Anthrax riff should. The riff afterwards is slow and unenergetic, and a lot of that is to blame on the drums. When you start on the snare, and are only hitting your hi hats on the snare, it typically sounds slower. Plus, behind a boring riff, it’s going to drag. Even adding the double bass doesn’t help it.”

1. In the End

“Anybody who knows me personally knows that I love bells and whistles… literally. So I appreciate the bells at the beginning. Then starts just a boring riff, with some happy guitar lead over it. Nothing getting me excited like builds should. And what do you know: VERSE RIFF HAS RESTS, AND IS THE SAME THING AS BEFORE. Just no energy.”