State of Euphoria Songs Ranked

State of Euphoria is the fourth studio album by the American thrash metal band Anthrax. It was released on September 19, 1988, through Megaforce/Island Records. State of Euphoria was produced by Anthrax and Mark Dodson, with Alex Perialas engineering. Guitarist Scott Ian has been quoted as saying that the band hired Dodson to produce this album because of his work with Judas Priest and Metal Church. The album reached No. 30 on the Billboard 200 chart in late 1988 and was certified Gold by the RIAA on February 8, 1989. The songs “Who Cares Wins”, dealing with the plight of the homeless, and “Antisocial” (a cover of the song by the French band Trust) were released as singles with accompanying music videos. Here are all of State of Euphoria songs ranked.

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10. 13

“13 is a nice instrumental and the bass(?) playing is pretty relaxing to listen to…….until the drums come and swallows the bass alive. Then it’s even better.”

9. Misery Loves Company

“Misery Loves Company has the catchiest chorus on the album which is impossible not to dance to. And the drums while joey sings “I’m your number one fan” are fudging insane! you could hear the bass drum going absolutely crazy at that part of the song. Overall, a really good song and definitely worth checking out.”

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8. Schism

“Schism is a pretty catchy one. The chorus is pretty unique compared to the other songs on the album and the drums sound absolutely insane and so do the guitars. Joey’s vocals are awesome like always. A pretty great track overall.”

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7. Out of Sight, Out of Mind

“Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind sounds just like the previous track on the album, only slightly more catchier. This is where Joey’s vocals become more fun and upbeat. And those drums near the end are absolutely crazy! it’s like the drummer was having a very bad day and he wanted to take his frustration out on his drums. Pretty great track!”

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6. Now It’s Dark

“Now It’s Dark is way better and it’s easy to headbang to as well. The guitars sound slightly more distorted on this track (Which is a good thing because I love distorted guitars) and the drums sound very metal! Overall, a much better song than “Who Cares Wins””

5. Make Me Laugh

“Make Me Laugh is a strange one, Joey’s vocals are extremely deep then extremely high. I’ve always found that weird for some reason, nevertheless the guitar work is fabulous and so are the drums. And it’s not like I have anything against joey’s vocals on this track, I just find them a little odd. Anyway, pretty solid track.”

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4. Who Cares Wins

“Who Cares Wins………is honestly really weak. The guitar work is alright, and the drums aren’t bad. What bothers me is the length (that’s always annoyed me about this song) and Joey’s vocals aren’t really great. They also bother me quite a lot! this is probably the worst track on the album by far. It’s not awful, just not great.”

3. Finale

“Finale is the perfect album to end the song on. Not only is the song incredibly funky at the beginning and progressively gets faster as it goes on, but the sound of the guitar is absolute PERFECTION! and the drums are crazy like always. Joey’s vocals are also great like always.”

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2. Antisocial

“Antisocial has to be the best one on the album. It’s catchy, the drums are perfect, the guitar work is perfect, the bass is perfect, and Joey’s vocals are perfect. Everything about this cover is perfect! it’s like if you took the best of Slayer (My favourite band of all time) and mixed them with Iron Maiden (My second favourite band) It’s just perfect!”

1. Be All, End All

“Be All, End All is just one of those songs you could dance to with a smile on your face, the drums on this track are near perfection and Joey’s vocals are also really fun to listen to (Which is also the case for the next track) It’s pretty long for a 6 minute song, but it’s still amazing!”