Yellowcard Songs Ranked

Yellowcard was an American rock band that formed in Jacksonville, Florida, in 1997 and was based in Los Angeles beginning in 2000. The band is well known for its singles “Ocean Avenue”, “Only One”, and “Lights and Sounds”. The group’s music is distinctive within its genre because it features the prominent use of a violin. The band released ten studio albums, with its most recent and final one, Yellowcard, released on September 30, 2016. The band played its final show on March 25, 2017, at the House of Blues in Anaheim, California. Here are all of Yellowcard songs ranked.

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20. Life of a Salesman (Ocean Avenue, 2003)

“I relate so much to this song. My dad showed me a photo of myself when I was little standing on the beach and how precious that moment was to him. I miss him a lot. This song is flat out great, instrumentals are crazy and make me wanna jam laugh out loud”

19. Holly Wood Died (Lights and Sounds, 2006)

“This song is the best song by them, because it has an epic guitar part, an epicly incredible chorus, a guitar solo, which is rare for them, and an incredible outro that left me waiting for the newest album.”

18. The Takedown (Paper Walls, 2007)

“Holy Moly! I started air drumming so hard when I first heard this song that I almost crashed my car! The first track on one of their most underrated albums, this is easily one of their best! The drums and the grittiness of the guitar just proves Yellowcard is still the greatest!”

17. Ten (Southern Air, 2012)

“This song made me cry. It was the highlight of Southern Air for me. Not only is it beautiful, but it is moving. This song is so emotional but original. Not a cliche song about a relationship, but a uniquely beautiful one about a miscarriage”

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16. Always Summer (Southern Air, 2012)

“This is the best song ever! It has the best violin solo I’ve ever heard. Something that you don’t hear in pop rock genres… Great and unique style. This is a really fast and fun, upbeat song. 

15. Shadows and Regrets (Paper Walls, 2007)

“What a chorus. The tune of the song is just awesome. You can’t stop singing this one. Amazing lyrics. Nice acoustic guitaring. Alt Rock at its best!

14. Believe (Ocean Avenue, 2003)

“The other songs are wonderful, but this song tops all. It’s deep with the great violin and vocals, you can’t go wrong with this one. This song got me into Yellowcard. Just listen to it. The lyrics are so meaningful and the song is so catchy. And the guitar playing is just epic.”

13. Awakening (Southern Air, 2012)

“Awakening is a song that gives me energy, power. It is a song that makes me believe I can go on, even when everything around me tells me it is impossible. This song may not be the one with most meaning, or even the best lyrics. But it is the one that speaks to the raw stream of energy inside you, that makes you get out of your bed and face another day. And that is what music SHOULD do to you.”

12. Rough Landing, Holly (Lights and Sounds 2006)

“A tale of holly wood, losing yourself and the city’s intoxications, truly powerful instrumental with some of my favourite violin dancing around the track, one of yellowcard’s best songs purely from the emotion it can evoke”

11. Fighting (Paper Walls, 2007)

“The only song that could possibly be considered higher than this song is Ocean Avenue because this song is highly addictive. This song is at least top three material! This is truly one of the best songs from the early 2000s, not just by Yellowcard, by any band. It pumps me up and gets me excited!”

10. Light Up the Sky (Paper Walls, 2007)

“The lyrics have so much meaning and power! The guitar in the beginning is awesome! I’m surprised it’s not higher on the list! What a Song! I love it, I can get new motivation from this song.”

9. Here I Am Alive (Southern Air, 2012)

“I know this may sound lame but this is the first song I’ve heard of Yellowcard and so far this is the most memorable song so far. I love the tune. I love the beat. I love everything about this song. This song is so good It really picks you up when you feel down.”

8. Sing for Me (When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes, 2011)

“Such an inspirational song! Especially if you watch the official music video for it. It’s all about staying positive even though you may be going through difficult times. Just persevere, work hard, and you’ll make it through. I love listening to this song whenever I need motivation.”

7. Empty Apartment (Ocean Avenue, 2003)

“This song is so awesome.. It’s the song that actually made me fall in love with Yellowcard in the first place.. People should start appreciating good music instead of just the most popular singles.. Their work on rhythm, bass, and violin sections is just too perfect… Every time you listen to this song, it makes you cry. But at the end, you say with a smile, “this is what I call music.”

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6. Lights and Sounds (Lights and Sounds, 2006)

“Haven’t stopped loving this song since I heard it on Burnout Revenge. You can’t get this out of your head! Love it. Coolest song ever… You can just go all out on this song… It can really set the mood”

5. For You, and Your Denial (When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes, 2011)

“A 20-hour flight halfway across the world. Bored. Go to music selections. Best song I’ve ever heard on an airplane. Hell, this song is just purely incredible and magnificent. The amazing violin solo, the catchy lyrics and incredible beat make this an awesome and all-time great song in Yellowcard history.”

4. Breathing (Ocean Avenue, 2003)

“Its just the best song I’ve ever heard.. Listen it when you down, and the song will raise you up.. The first Yellowcard song I ever heard and it is absolutely beautiful

3. Way Away (Ocean Avenue, 2003)

“Personally I think the song is about relationship stuff. Sounds like his girlfriend lied to him about something, and now he can’t believe anything she says anymore. And since he left her, now she’s going to know how it is to be alone. He’s also saying since she did what she did, he just doesn’t want anything to do or be near her.”

2. Ocean Avenue (Ocean Avenue, 2003)

“It’s a really good song. Very rhythmic, creative with a good ending and the fact that Ryan sung very well in this song, this song should be the best song. Incredibly amazing and very sweet song. It makes me crack a smile each time I hear it. Alas, Ocean Avenue has made me a fan of Yellowcard, so I cannot complain.”

1. Only One (Ocean Avenue, 2003)

“The first time I’ve heard this song is the acoustic version and I love it! I’ve heard the original version which is also great! Well, I have to vote for this one because it’s my favorite song by Yellowcard!  I love this song, truly “ridiculously awesome”. Lyrics, music, voice… Everything is just awesome…”