Young the Giant Songs Ranked

Young the Giant is an American rock band that formed in Irvine, California, in 2004. The band’s line-up consists of Sameer Gadhia (lead vocals), Jacob Tilley (guitar), Eric Cannata (guitar), Payam Doostzadeh (bass guitar), and Francois Comtois (drums). Formerly known as The Jakes, Young the Giant was signed by Roadrunner Records in 2009, and they released their eponymous debut album in 2010. The band’s first three singles, “My Body”, “Cough Syrup”, and “Apartment”, all charted on the US Alternative Songs chart. Here are all of Young the Giant songs ranked.

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15. Amerika (Home of the Strange, 2016)

“One of their most captivating songs and one of their most beautiful in my opinion. definitely deserves a higher spot on the list”

14. Firelight (Mind over Matter, 2014)

“One of the best songs I have ever listened to in my life – peaceful, deep vibe and atmosphere you can easily get lost in, catchy guitar. These guys are so creative!”

13. God Made Man (Young the Giant, 2010)

“Amazing build-up and evolvement of the song, pretty nice bass guitar in this, superb words and voice by Sameer Gadhia.”

12. Anagram (Mind over Matter, 2014)

“Young the Giant; be proud of ‘Anagram’, your glittering guitars descending from 1984’s Sophisti-Pop arrangement giving perhaps false hopes things sail close to that wind on your thirteen latest outpourings of soap box concerns, nothing among them designed to stretch any further than personal social politics fearing they’ll offend.”

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11. Crystallized (Mind over Matter, 2014)

“Lost in space, in the stratosphere for so long…floating, until you find that one, whose heart beat matches yours. Now you come back to earth…back into the world, as you keep falling it all becomes bigger, clearer, and it looks different, you wonder if it is the same world you remember, are the things you knew still the same…you find the one, and you find yourself again with them…never the same again…not like any other.”

10. It’s About Time (Mind over Matter, 2014)

“In an interview with Berklee Groove they commented on the lyrical meaning stating, “In ‘It’s About Time,’ lyrically, the idea is about the concept of power, the symbol of power – how a person can use it for bad or for good, and how that reflects who you are as a person, for society, and potentially for humanity.””

9. Guns Out (Young the Giant, 2010)

“This is my all time favorite YtG song, not sure why it’s not more popular. Amazing song, love the lyrics, and the overall sound.”

8. Something to Believe In (Home of the Strange, 2016)

“Liked the beat/composition…my first exposure to this band was a positive one. Interested in knowing what kind of sound the rest of the album has…”

7. St. Walker (Young the Giant, 2010)

“This song reminds me of the Moulin Rouge when the man falls in love with the prostitute because she can sing and she’s beautiful. And while she wants to be with him, she can’t find a way out of the hole she’s dug herself into. Which is where all the irony come in. It seems to me, like the contrasting statements are her thoughts of going back and forth.”

6. Mind Over Matter (Mind Over Matter, 2014)

“I love Young the Giant’s first CD so much, I was a little hesitant to get this one. I hadn’t heard any songs from it prior to purchasing, so I wasn’t sure it would be equally as good. I was not disappointed. Oh my gosh. This CD is absolute perfection. I didn’t think it was possible for me to love another CD as much as their first one, but I do. “

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5. I Got (Young the Giant, 2010)

“This is the kind of song where the melody and his voice pluck the heart strings, regardless of what they’re singing about. Nice tune – well constructed with a kaleidoscope of influences.”

4. Islands (Young the Giant, 2010)

“I never can tell exactly what he’s saying when I listen to it, but these lyrics add so much meaning to the rhythm of the song and to his smooth voice. I think it’s about him loving a girl, but never being able to get close to her. About him watching from afar and trying patiently, diligently to get her to let him in.”

3. Apartment (Young the Giant, 2010)

“Young the Giant did an awesome acoustic series on YouTube. If you haven’t seen it yet it is something you have to do. Look up “young the giant in the open” in YouTube. I promise you won’t regret it.”

2. My Body (Young the Giant, 2010)

“It certainly is a hard song to interpret because the verse and the chorus don’t seem to correlate at all. I think you might be on to something with the nostalgia, or possibly some sort of angst against his old town. When I first heard this, I though that the lyrics were surely about sex, but that is based solely around the lyrics of the chorus.”

1. Cough Syrup (Young the Giant, 2010)

“The song is about depression (“losing my mind, losing control”, “drowning”) caused by failure/disappointment. He expected to succeed in life but has not, so, “fortune I should have found by now”.) “Cough syrup” is a metaphor for the tough lessons taught by life. Life’s lessons are bitter but they are good for you and will eventually make you a better – same as cough syrup’s bitterness.”