Adrenalize Songs Ranked

Adrenalize is the fifth studio album by English rock band Def Leppard, released on 31 March 1992 through Mercury Records. The album was the first by the band following the death of guitarist Steve Clark in 1991. Instead of replacing him with a new member, the band recorded the album as a four-piece. “We had recorded demos on multitrack,” recalled fellow guitarist Phil Collen. “I was sitting there with him when he played the original parts. I could relay that. But it was like playing along to a ghost.” This was also the band’s first album recorded without their longtime producer “Mutt” Lange. Instead, the band took matters into their own hands and produced the album themselves, along with the longtime engineer Mike Shipley; “Mutt” Lange was credited as Executive Producer. The album spawned seven singles, three of which – “Let’s Get Rocked”, “Make Love Like a Man” and “Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad” – were major hits. One of the tracks on the album, “White Lightning”, is dedicated to the memory of Steve Clark, who has writing credits on six of the album’s 10 tracks. Here are all of Adrenalize’s songs ranked.

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10. Tonight

“Tonight” Reminds me of the music on Pyromania, listen to it because it is hard to describe it very clearly. “Tonight” is an all time favorite Def Leppard song of mine. It is also a bit of a different sound and Joe Elliott’s vocals are exceptional on this track.”

9. Personal Property

“Personal Property”, and this song isnt any special. Its what they call another Rocker, ala Def Leppard. I just want to say that I really like “Adrenalize” from Def Leppard. It’s a very easy album to listen to.”

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8. I Wanna Touch U

 “I wanna Touch U” is an uplifting rocker, with a good chorus, one of the better songs on the record. This album has always been somewhat looked down on by Lepp fans.I’m not sure if it’s because this is the first album without their guitarist Steve Clark,or maybe they thought it didin’t capture the same sound that “Hysteria” had.”

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7. Tear It Down

“The one true rocker on this album is the last track–the epic “Tear It Down”, which was originally heard on rock radio back in the “Hysteria” days as a B-side to one of that album’s singles. I loved that song when it came out and was glad they decided to include it here.”

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6. Make Love Like a Man

“Make Love like a Man” is a weird song, and the title kinda scares me, but it shows that Def Leppard still plays around with their music, and it is a catchy chorus.”

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5. White Lightning

“t goes over to “White Lightning”, a song built up on Guitars. Not that great really, but it makes way for my favorite song on the album, Well for starters overlong dreariness like White Lightning which sounds cool and atmospheric on first listen but is just plain boring on repeated plays”

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4. Heaven Is

“This album is a blues-tinged AOR album with elements of hardrock. It reminds me a lot of Asia’s debut, which is an equally polarizing group. It’s something that could be seen as a let down for most Leppard fans or even those who were into the harder and edgier side of the glamrock genre, but I see this change in sound (most found on the track “Stand Up,”) as some welcome tunage for my ears.”

3. Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad

“The Sole reason I bought this record, is this song. I cannot describe the feeling I get when listening to this song, a lot of girls I know have borrowed this cd over and over just for this song. Its pretty much the best song they have written, with a text that resembles the problems with love everyday. The melody is haunting and beautiful, yet powerful with its guitars and heavy drums. You want a real powerballad? Here it is.”

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2. Stand Up

“An album that’s just about as good as its two predecessors, yet is sadly underrated. With guitarist Steve Clark dying during production and long-time producer Mutt Lange being unable to work on the album, it’s surprising how well Adrenalize turned out in reality.”

1. Let’s Get Rocked

“This is a good album. It’s very good actually. Are all songs great, like in Pyromania and Hysteria? NO! At the time, it was the band’s best album. I remember buying it in 1992 and listening. I was disappointed, but it’s still a good album that’s good to pop in every once in a while. Let’s Get Rocked is great, but the rest of the album is just either really good or really bad.”