Alice in Chains Songs Ranked

Alice in Chains is an American rock band from Seattle, Washington, formed in 1987 by guitarist and vocalist Jerry Cantrell and drummer Sean Kinney, who later recruited bassist Mike Starr and lead vocalist Layne Staley. Starr was replaced by Mike Inez in 1993. William DuVall joined the band in 2006 as co-lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, replacing Staley, who died in 2002. The band took its name from Staley’s previous group, the glam metal band Alice N’ Chains. Here are all of Alice in Chains songs ranked from worst to best.

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20. Got Me Wrong (Dirt & Sap, 1992)

“Cantrell’s vocals fit very well with the instruments in the song. Different from some of their other songs, coming off a bit softer and not as “dark” of a tone.”

19. Sea of Sorrow (Facelift, 1990)

“I don’t know if Layne was talking about love and drugs or a friend who backstabs you. Could go either way. The basic message is that someone may point the finger at you and do everything in their power to disgrace you, but they always lose in the end. It’s about not stooping down to fight back; letting them “open fire” on you and ignoring their real message. The criticism may be disgraced temporarily but it is really the pursuer of malice who falls into a “sea of sorrow”. Layne got shit for his drug habits, and he may indeed be pointing out that he won’t stoop to fighting the hypocrites who spend all their efforts to destroy him.”

18. Bleed the Freak (Facelift, 1990)

“The sounds the meanings the feelings… Everything about this song is just perfect.  I grew up listening to this album and every time this song came on I couldn’t help but belt out the lyrics.”

17. Rotten Apple (Jar of Flies, 1994)

“This song literally sends chills down my spine every time. Starts with a great bass riff, has a great acoustic feel, and a very powerful message. The self-harmonized vocals are chilling yet expressive.”

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16. We Die Young (Facelift, 1990)

“What a way to start an album. God that riff is so bad ass and the solo is so underrated. Layne’s voice is so raw. Ask any emo or punk band today to play a song with half the emotion and anger this song has. It’s not to flashy also, which i dig.”

15. Junkhead (Dirt, 1992)

“Every time I hear this it brings me back to the first time I tried perc’s, it was life-changing. This song always brings me back to that moment and brings back a small sense of euphoria. It also gives a direct look into the mind of lane style.”

14. Again (Alice in Chains, 1995)

“Incredible song. Shows how well Layne adapted his vocals to suit his unfortunate demise. At least we can all agree they don’t make music like that no more!”

13. Dam That River (Dirt, 1992)

“Another one of their greatest songs. I love this one, along with many others. Alice in Chains has many great songs. They’re an awesome band! This song was written by Jerry Cantrell after Sean Kinney broke a table over his head…”

12. Rain When I Die (Dirt, 1992)

“Jerry’s guitar tone is absolutely incredible. The composition is perfect. This is one of the few AIC tones Jerry and Layne collaborated lyrically on. It’s hauntingly beautiful.”

11. Love, Hate, Love (Facelift, 1990)

“This is the most epic, intense, passionate song of all time! Layne’s vocals are mind-blowing, his talent is raging. The guitar solo is beautiful too. One of their most awesomely dark, ominous songs, and that’s saying something for this band! Creepy, powerful, and just a good song!

10. Heaven Beside You (Alice In Chains” (1995)

“The only version of this song I care for is the unplugged version. This song is very straightforward and to the point in its meaning. It’s about someone having everything in the world yet being sad and miserable. Great song, one of my all time favorites!”

9. I Stay Away (Jar of Flies, 1994)

” It has so many different genres of music wrapped into one song: acoustic, grunge, metal, and orchestral elements all make this completely unique. The lyrics are beautiful and Layne’ Staley’s voice has never sounded more powerful. Amazing.”

8. No Excuses (Jar of Flies, 1994)

“Smooth, like a fine scotch whiskey, amazing artistry, passionate lyrics, applicable to today’s generations, the haunting sections fade into one another, such a legendary band!

7. Angry Chair (Dirt, 1992)

“One of the darkest most haunting songs out there! Layne Staley conveys his emotions into this song and he wrote the entire song; music and lyrics! This song is a masterpiece, along with many others by AIC!”

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6. Them Bones (Dirt, 1992)

“Perfection. No rips. Not tears. No faltering whatsoever. High pigment song with the most achingly righteous harmonies, plus odd time, vocal intensity, great guitar solo and great lyrics, too. It’s my favorite.”

5. Down in a Hole (Dirt, 1992)

“Almost every Alice In Chains song is awesome, but Down In a Hole is different. Even the smallest details like the thing (I don’t know what you call that to be honest) Cantrell plays in the chorus in the part “Down in a hole, feeling so small”. I say this is the best song of the grunge era with another song that isn’t as popular as this, and that is Release by Pearl Jam.”

4. Nutshell (Jar of Flies, 1994)

“This is such an amazing accomplishment for an EP which they produced but I have to say that this is by far the best Alice in chains song to me. The emotion just hits me every time I hear this song and every time I hear Layne sing in this song it just gives me chills.”

3. Rooster (Dirt, 1992)

“Jerry Cantrell’s father was a Vietnam veteran. He wrote this song to honor his dad by telling a story about his service in Vietnam. Cantrell has stated that his father went by the nickname “Rooster”, which he had since childhood due to the way his hair stood up on end as a youth.”

2. Man in the Box (Facelift, 1990)

“This is one of the best songs of Alice in Chains. Its vocalist gives a powerful effect. The guitar & drums combination gives an awesome flavor to this song. I love listening to this awesome heavy metal song every day before going to work.. In short, this is the best song of Alice in chains.”

1. Would? (Singles, 1992)

“Agreed, this song fits the crown very well. Song is so beautiful and intense. This song creates total atmosphere of depression.. Layne Staley voice makes you shiver.. Amazing lyrics, had hard time figuring out the meaning though”