Blake Shelton Self Titled Album Songs Ranked

Blake Shelton is the debut studio album by American country music artist Blake Shelton. It was released in July 2001 via Warner Bros. Records Nashville. The album features three singles: “Austin”, “All Over Me”, and “Ol’ Red”. It has been certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Shelton co-wrote four of the ten tracks. “Austin” was the lead-off single from the album, reaching number one on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks (now Hot Country Songs) charts that year. Although Shelton has since charted five more number ones, “Austin” is his longest-lasting number one hit, at five weeks. Following this song was “All Over Me”, which reached number 18 on the country charts, and “Ol’ Red”, which peaked at number 14. The latter was originally recorded by George Jones on his 1990 album You Oughta Be Here with Me, and by Kenny Rogers on his 1993 album If Only My Heart Had a Voice. Due to the closure of Giant Records in 2001, Shelton was transferred to the Nashville division of Giant’s parent label, Warner Bros. Records, which promoted and distributed the second and third singles. Here are all of Blake Shelton Self Titled Album songs ranked.

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10. Every Time I Look at You

“Consider “Every Time I Look at You,” the album’s opener, which serves as a rollicking kick-off to an album filled with love songs, ditties, and the yearning more creative, original ballads.”

9. If I Was Your Man

“Blake Shelton’s style of country music is literally the greatest to hit Nashville since the debut of Garth Brooks. His smooth and velvet sounds when his heart is in the song Austin pulls the toughest of heart strings known to man. “

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8. All Over Me

“All over me” sounds like a “Red Strokes” power ballad, and is as over-wrought and as hard hard to sit through thanks to Blake trying to hit the high notes on the chorus.”

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7. Problems At Home

“Then there’s “Problems at Home,” a horribly uneven and treacly ballad that has our narrator addressing the atrocities of murder around the world, in addition to broken homelives of others, but then tacks on his problems, noting they aren’t comparative, but still need attention.”

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6. She Doesn’t Know She’s Got It

“This singer, in my opinion, will be the next Horizon Award singer in the country genre. Catch him in concert if you get a chance and believe me, Blake Shelton will give you your money’s worth and more!”

5. That’s What I Call Home

“The only other song that is passable is the track “That’s What I Call Home” a song covering the same ground as Joe Diffie’s “Home” and Alan Jackson’s “Home”, its not bad but its not original.”

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4. Austin

“The song that really launched his career “Austin”, which is a good song that has stood the test of time. It’s sort of the opposite of John Schneider’s “at the sound of the tone”, another great answer phone song.”

3. Same Old Song

“Shelton takes the easy way out multiple times, particularly with “Same Old Song,” a song that is, more or less, trivial bitching and moaning about the lack of creativity and smothering sameness in country music. Instead of writing a song complaining and yearning for different music, wouldn’t it have been wise to write an original ballad along the lines of what you wanted instead?”

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2. Ol’ Red

“The other song that most fans seem to like is “Ol’ Red” – about a convict training a guard dog and escaping prison – but for me its a bit too contrived, but I do think the last line “Love got me in here and love got me out”, is pretty clever. But really its a song you will either like or hate. I am in the second group.”

1. I Thought There Was Time

“I Thought There Was Time” slows things down to bring a regretful sincerity to his voice that few artists could handle with conviction. There is not another artist like Blake. He is an awesome human being.”