Pure BS Songs Ranked

Pure BS is the fourth studio album by American country music artist Blake Shelton, released in 2007 on Warner Bros. Records Nashville. It produced the singles “Don’t Make Me” and “The More I Drink”. The album was re-released in 2008 with three bonus tracks, one of which — a cover of Michael Bublé’s “Home” — was released as a single, becoming Shelton’s fourth Number One country hit. Of the eleven tracks, Shelton co-wrote three. The album has been certified Gold by RIAA. Pure BS was recorded while Shelton was going through a divorce from his first wife. Shelton has said that this experience colored the tone of the album, explaining, “I was dealing with a broken heart and having my world turned upside-down and drinking way too much, and I just put all that on the record and gave it to the fans to see what they thought about that period of my life.” Here are all of Pure BS songs ranked.

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11. This Can’t Be Good

“The song “This Can’t Be Good” is a nice ballad about teenage life that says sometimes you just have to be careful. Well, it may not exactly be about teenagers, but it seems like it. The instrumental in the song is also pretty solid and rocking.”

10. The Last Country Song

“The last country song is ironic enough “The Last Country Song” where legends John Anderson and George Jones join him to let everybody know that the city has taken the bar and the honkytonk will soon be driven away and replaced with a bunch of rockers.”

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9. Don’t Make Me

“The emotion in the break-up tune “Don’t Make Me” made me want to skip the cheap Limewire download and take a glimpse at the entire record. And the results were pretty good.”

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8. She Can’t Get That

“The track “She Can’t Get That” sounds like a 70’s am radio song and Blake’s vocal actually sounds believable outside his comfort zone but that might be because the song is pretty good actually.”

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7. The More I Drink

“The best track on the album is “The more I drink” – which is the reason why I listened to Blake out of a handful of other Nashville hitmakers from recent years. I saw the video which is very good, and think the song stands up its own merit too.”

6. I Have Been Lonely

“Blake is pure country and this is what I love about this cd. It is Pure Blake Shelton, true country and just fantastic. There are the typical rowdy, country songs and the typical “crooner” songs. “

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5. I Don’t Care

“There’s emotion in the track “I Don’t Care”. Blake thinks he lost his girl, and he tries to tell himself that he doesn’t care. But in reality, she was with her brother and the meaning of “I Don’t Care” changes when he just has to make up with her and drive to her place late at night.”

4. What I Wouldn’t Give

“More good songwriting exists in the sad tune “What I Wouldn’t Give”. Blake asks what he wouldn’t give to have his love back, but he knew he lost her because of what he wouldn’t give.”

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3. She Don’t Love Me

“It really sucks breaking up with somebody because chances are they’ll hate you for all eternity, then every time your’e in the same area as them you’ll get scared and try to hide. In the trace “She Don’t Love Me” there’s an upbeat attitude because now she’s just a friend and has nothing against him even know she was broken hearted.”

2. It Ain’t Easy Bein’ Me

“Blake Shelton has proven his country roots by staying true to form with his style of music. Each CD he’s released has had a unique blend of ballads, outlaw, honkeytonk and thought-provoking, and just downright fun music.”

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1. Back There Again

“Good songwriting is enforced completely in the track “Back There Again”. Sense the breakup, she has been tangled in a phase of slow-motion suicide. The bravest thing he’s ever done was step out of her way then come back, knowing if he were to break her heart again then it would destroy him.”