Blue Oyster Cult Songs Ranked

Blue Öyster Cult is the eponymous self-titled debut studio album by the American rock band Blue Öyster Cult, released on January 16, 1972 by Columbia Records. The album featured songs such as “Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll”, “Stairway to the Stars”, and “Then Came the Last Days of May”, all of which the band still plays regularly during its concerts. Despite positive reviews, the album failed to chart for some time before finally cracking the Billboard 200 chart on May 20, 1972, peaking at No. 172. Blue Öyster Cult toured with artists such as The Byrds, Alice Cooper, and the Mahavishnu Orchestra to support the album. Here are all of Blue Oyster Cult songs ranked.

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10. She’s As Beautiful As a Foot

“This one is just strange, i like how it segues from Screams with the drumming, didnt see that one coming. Its nothing really speacial but the thing that really struck me was the middle eastern sound of this song, it was just so unexpected to be heard. you know im surprised the cult isnt considered progressive, alot of there songs were just down right cryptic.”

9. Workshop of the Telescopes

“Another cryptic rocker, love the riff but the lyrics make no sense. I just imagine this crazy wizard sealed up in a light house on a floating island in space.”

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8. Redeemed

“I’m torn to call it a country song, it definantly sounds it. The intros great, along with the riff and solo. great way to end a heavy rocker of an album with a down to earth country tune.”

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7. Stairway to the Stars

“Dont let the title confuse you, this isnt the “stairway to heaven”. this song is just classic, its got the riffage of any classic radio tune, great solo’s espeacially the piano and everything, also probably the only song to ever include a reference to auto insurance!”

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5. Transmaniacon MC

“Sick intro and very strange song to begin with, the guitar intro is just sinister i cant really give justic in describing it. The lyrics are even more non sensical and dark then the opening riff suggest’s. Basically a bunch of bikers adopt a possesed child at the altamont music festival, where there was a shooting i guess, which lends more to the songs eerie background. also love the feel of it as well, its country in a twisted sort of way. This is how you start an album!”

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4. I’m On the Lamb But I Ain’t No Sheep

“A homage to the Canadian Mountie, of all the things to write a song about… buts its an entertaining tune. Apparently it was such a hit that it got a bombastic remake on there second release Tyranny and Mutation as “The Red And The Black”.”

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3. Screams

“After all the heavy rockers on side one this eerie little number comes out of nowhere. The lyrics are great social commentary about city life, very interesting, dark, foreboding, mysterious and random song.”

2. Before the Kiss, a Redcap

“This is boogie at its finest, great song about a bunch of red heads meeting at a biker bar about to consume a drug known as a redcap, its a great, weird tune with a pumpin’ middle section and excelent riffage.”

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1. Cities On Flame With Rock and Roll

“Sounds familiar…wait, is that the wizard!?! yes it is, Black Sabbaths The Wizard, but in my opinion this is so, so much better. The Riff is tride and true, the only real complaint i have is that they borrowed parts like the riff from the wizard, then again a lot of artist do that. also dig the false ending were you think its going to end but then it segues into another guitar solo.”