Bon Jovi Songs Ranked

Bon Jovi is the self-titled debut studio album by American rock band Bon Jovi, released on January 21, 1984. Produced by Tony Bongiovi and Lance Quinn, it is significant for being the only Bon Jovi album in which a song (“She Don’t Know Me”) appears that was not written or co-written by a member of the band. The album charted at No. 43 on the U.S. Billboard 200. Aside from the hit song “Runaway”, songs from the album were rarely performed live after Bon Jovi released Slippery When Wet in 1986. However, on the band’s 2010 Circle Tour, songs including “Roulette”, “Shot Through The Heart” and “Get Ready” were performed. The album was ranked the 11th best rock album of 1984 by Kerrang! magazine. The song “Shot Through the Heart” should not be confused with the much better-known “You Give Love a Bad Name” from Slippery When Wet. Here are all of Bon Jovi’s songs ranked.

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9. Love Lies

“Love Lies” is probably the basis for every Bon Jovi ballad that followed. Maybe it was the just the early eighties, or maybe the keyboardist had a lot more pull in the group, but it eats up most of the track.”

8. Get Ready

“Get Ready” is another anthemic track full of hooks and chugga-chugga guitar riffs. et Ready sounds pretty rocking. It’s been done a thousand times but this was a then unknown Bon Jovi doing the rocking. It’s got a groove.”

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7. Shot Through the Heart

“Shot Through The Heart (not to be confused with… You know…) is so close to Runaway that it’s kind of funny. Not a terrible song. Not very inventive, either.”

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6. Come Back

“Another heart ache song. Not the best, but still a good one. This debut album by the legendary Bon Jovi showed right away that this band was destined for greatness.”

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5. She Don’t Know Me

“She Don’t Know Me sounds like a pop song and is the only song that was ever on a Bon Jovi album that one of the members didn’t have a hand in writing. Wow. This song is radio fodder anyway. Seriously. It sounds so cheesy.”

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4. Burning for Love

“Burning For Love escaped from the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack unscathed. It’s vacuous. It’s vapid. It has every damn 80s rock cliché in the book. The keyboard riff sounds like it was duped from a video game.”

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3. Roulette

“Roulette is a pretty straight ahead rocker that sounds like early 80s KISS. Lots of whammy from Sambora. Basic. Kinda cliché. Fun to listen to. The chorus is catchy. Great backing vocals. Sambora actually has a nasty guitar tone on this song.”

2. Breakout

“Breakout sounds like that song they play in the middle of a walking-the-street montage in some moody teenage flick from the 80s. It’s not awesome. Now, many years later, it’s pretty cheese. The whoa chorus is outright funny.”

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1. Runaway

“I’ve heard that David didn’t create the keyboard lick originally, but I’m sure he plays it better than the guy from Springsteen. and one of the greatest first songs a band ever recorded. It’s where the band started, it was their first single, gotta love the roots. It has an awesome keyboard riff.”