Communique Songs Ranked

Communiqué is the second studio album by the British rock band Dire Straits, released on 15 June 1979 by Vertigo Records internationally, Warner Bros. Records in the United States and Mercury Records in Canada. The album produced the single “Lady Writer”, which reached number 45 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and number 51 on the UK Singles Chart. The album reached number one on album charts in Germany, New Zealand, and Sweden, number 11 in the United States and number 5 in the United Kingdom. Communiqué was later certified gold in the United States, platinum in the United Kingdom and double-platinum in France.

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9. Portobello Belle

“Same story here….more guitar-laden instrumentals with a Country like feel to the melody. This song also has a storytelling feel, but this time from Knopfler’s point of view. The chorus is subtle, but very effective. This is one song where Dire Straits highlights the use of keyboards.”

8. Follow Me Home

“This song opens with the sounds of ocean waves. These waves segue into some very gentle guitar sounds (with the Country-like “twang” that is found on so many of these tracks). The vocals don’t start until about just a little under two minutes into this track. I actually found this the collection’s weakest track, but it still isn’t a bad track.”

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7. Once Upon a Time In the West

“Once Upon a Time in the West” This song demonstrates two themes on this album….the “Once Upon a Time” demonstrates the storytelling capabilities while “West” demonstrates the Country-Western feel. The guitar work is going to be the signature of this song – highlighted by the “twanging” sound that is heard throughout this collection.”

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6. Communiqué

“This song starts with a strong Country-like feel to it. This song took a few listens for me to get into, but after a few listens, it definitely is worthy of a title track. I particularly like how the vocals “slow down” right at the end of each chorus with “Communique”.”

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5. Angel of Mercy

“Here is another track that highlights the Country-Western like guitars by Dire Straits. Here is another track that took a few listens before I got into it. Once again, this song is highlighted by some good background vocals by the band.”

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4. Single Handed Sailor

“This song maintains the Country feel to it, however this song is going to contain some outstanding guitar riffs. The end result will not only be a very catchy melody, but a very good song. I particularly liked the instrumental about 2/3 into the track that will wind things up. The song also follows a storytelling pattern. I’ve heard many call this one of Dire Straits’ most underrated songs – I couldn’t agree more.”

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3. News

“Similar feel to this song as “Once Upon a Time in the West”. This song combines storytelling with the Country-Western feel of the guitar. I particularly liked the instrumental ending to this song – which is highlighted by some haunting drums by Pick Withers.”

2. Where Do You Think You’re Going?

“This is one of the stronger songs of the collection. Instead of sung as a story, this one is song from Mark Knopfler’s point of view. The guitar strings sound three dimensional as they provide another Country-like feel. The ending of the song has a great guitar jam.”

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1. Lady Writer

“This song picks up the tempo and is one of the earliest of examples of Dire Straits pulling off a faster tempo song. The result is the album’s strongest track and one that stands up with the best of Dire Straits’ tracks. Still the Country-like guitar feel is prevalent throughout this track. There are some also nice background vocals on this track.”