Crossfade Songs Ranked

Crossfade is an American rock band formed in Columbia, South Carolina in 1993. Before settling on the Crossfade name in 2002, the band had previously existed under the names The Nothing and Sugardaddy Superstar. As of 2019, their current lineup includes Ed Sloan on lead vocals and guitar, Les Hall on lead guitar, keyboard, and backing vocals, Mitch James on backing vocals and bass, and Ryan Yerdon on drums. Since their formation, Crossfade has released three studio albums – their self-titled debut album in 2004, Falling Away in 2006, and We All Bleed in 2011. Here are all of the Crossfade songs ranked.

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10. Prove You Wrong (We All Bleed, 2011)

“This was the first song that I have ever listened to by these guys and it will always be my favorite because of that and that it has a great tune and I can’t stop listening to it!

9. Someday (Falling Away, 2006)

“Post-Grunge is so basic, so rudimentary and so lacking ambitions that it’s perfect for a specific occasion. Relationships fell apart. Things feel bad. All you want to do is soak up beer. You don’t need a song that will help you understand how you feel. You just need to let it out.”

8. Lay Me Down (We All Bleed, 2011)

“The music and lyrics of this song are filled with a ton of emotion and meaning that blends perfectly together with incredible harmonies and melodies that linemate touches your heart! guitar and despairing atmosphere reminiscent of Doom Metal. If you sit through the weakest two tracks on the album (‘We All Bleed’ and “Open Up Your Eyes’) you’ll reach the gem that pushes this album beyond decent.”

7. Killing Me Inside (We All Bleed, 2011)

“This is the best song ever if you haven’t listen to it I don’t know what to say the best way to describe this song is AWEOME! I can’t stop listening to it and it NEVER gets old!”

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6. Already Gone (Falling Away, 2006)

“This song is a little different from they’re other songs which is partly why I like it, also love the guitar solo near the end and just the meaning of the song”

5. No Giving Up (Crossfade, 2004)

“This song is simply one of the loudest, intense songs I have ever heard. It is very emotional as well. The chorus goes “(There’s no giving up now!) Do you really want to give this all away? Can’t you ever see things in a different way somedays? (No giving up now!) Such a beautiful thing to throw away. You should think things through over and over again.” and is actually more catchy than either Colors or The Deep End. The intensity in this song is immense, but really it just rocks.”

4. Everything’s Wrong (Falling Away, 2006)

“What you need is pure release. You need something you can sing along to that also sounds personal enough. A line like “Nothing feels good/everything’s wrong” is as fitting as it lacks wit.”

3. Colors (Crossfade, 2004)

“These guys are definitely not the best lyricists out there, but i do enjoy listening to this song. It has a strong hook, even if it is nonsensical. The song is catchy enough, and by post grunge standards it is good enough.”

2. So Far Away (Crossfade, 2004)

“Crossfade have some heavy punch and catchy sounding vocals but all the other tracks are just weak and need some work. The opening track isn’t too bad either but to me not on par with the catchy and powerful next three tracks. I’d but this for like five bucks, but the nine I spent seems a little too much.”

1. Cold (Crossfade, 2004)

“Catchy post grunge hit, and the high point of this band lousy career. This song though is pretty great. It is generic, but the strong hook and great catchyness make me enjoy listening to it.”