Dash Berlin Songs Ranked

Dash Berlin is a Dutch electronic music trio started in 2007 in The Hague by Eelke Kalberg and Sebastiaan Molijn. The frontman of the group was Jeffrey Sutorius, the seventh most popular DJ in the world according to DJ Mag in 2012; Kalberg and Molijn were record producers. Kalberg and Molijn left the group in 2019 and returned in 2021 after winning a legal dispute against Jeffrey Sutorius over the “Dash Berlin” trademark. Sutorius initially started playing drums influenced by his late father who was a drummer in a jazz band, before discovering electronic music. He worked at BPM Dance and Mid-Town Records specializing in vinyl, with both stores becoming meeting places for many established Dutch DJs. Molijn and Kalberg, who were deejaying as Pronti and Kalmani at the time, have credited Sutorius as a vital source of inspiration for some of their biggest records during that time. Here are all of Dash Berlin’s songs ranked.

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10. People of the Night (We Are (Part 1), 2014)

“If I must choose one song i like from this album, it’ll be this one i guess…although still not digging the change. I think it is a subject that makes your hair stand on end, because you imagine what you want the most

9. Go It Alone (#musicislife, 2012)

“So emotional and deep vocal. Every time I listen to this masterpiece I feel my body shivers and then I lift myself emotionally. It helps me to admire this particular moment when I look around me with thoughts like I live once and I create my own path. I don’t need no one to show me how and when to live MY LIFE. And I CAN GO IT ALONE so You with me or move aside. Dash Berlin and Sarah Howells are amazing!”

8. Like Spinning Plates (United Destination 2010, 2010)

“If you know Dash Berlin and Emma Hewitt this is a top song to have (I’ve been listening to it non stop). If you don’t know either one just buy this song: it is a treat, a delight, full of musical emotions… I’ve just bought the new CD of Emma as well (“Burn the sky down”) and I am waiting to finish listening to cd2 to post my review. Anyway “Like Turning Plates” is a pure gem…”

Dash Berlin – #musicislife (2012, CD) - Discogs

7. Jar of Hearts (#musicislife, 2012)

“Love this trance version so much! The beats give a very inspiring optimism to the those lyrics. The juxtaposition between these two contrasting emotions in this track is amazing!”

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6. World Falls Apart (A State of Trance 550, 2012)

“This song.. every day someone’s world is shattered, and yet, music gives hope when words alone lose any meaning. it gives courage to dance instead of running, to sing instead of crying.. music is the friend till the end”

5. Man On the Run (The New Daylight, 2009)

“A longtime favorite that continues to haunt me… Makes me think of someone whom I was madly in love with and then turned my back on her and left her thinking “why”? I slowly lost myself, her trust and what true love felt like. I was running away from something but not sure what it was.”

Dash Berlin – The New Daylight (2009, File) - Discogs

4. Better Half of Me (Dash Berlin Top 15, 2011)

“Epic, amazing, breathtaking, but very cheesy but it keeps me coming back. Love dash berlin. hope I get to see him live one day. This song is so beautiful and his voice is awesome.”

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3. Steal You Away (Armada Top 15, 2013)

“Dash Berlin is one of the best DJs in 2013. This song is dreamy. A heart melter. Seriously, a nice progressive I ever heard.. This is awesome!!!”

2. Till the Sky Fall Down (The New Daylight, 2009)

“This track has all that needed…voice, music, it makes me sad, happy, strong, immortal. It’s a river of emotions! One of the most beautiful track. Timeless. Evokes many memories and emotions.”

Dash Berlin – Till The Sky Falls Down (Andrew Rayel Remix) (2015, File) -  Discogs

1. Waiting (The New Daylight, 2009)

“GREAT SONG!!! It brings back memories of an old love, a very sacrificial story, full of ups and downs that obviously did not work, but I do not get sad or angry when I hear this song, although it reminds me of the girl in question, I am happy because the story It happened and I managed to understand that she was not for me. Where she is, I wish her the best even though I know that she doesn’t have the same feeling for me.”