Door To Door Songs Ranked

Door to Door is the sixth studio album by American rock band the Cars, released on August 25, 1987, by Elektra Records. The album was produced by frontman Ric Ocasek, with additional production by keyboardist Greg Hawkes. Three singles were released from the album, though only “You Are the Girl” reached the top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number 17. Door to Door became the Cars’ lowest-charting studio album, peaking at number 26 on the Billboard 200, and within a year of its release the band would break up. The lead single from the album, “You Are the Girl”, reached number 17 on the Billboard Hot 100 and number two on the Album Rock Tracks chart. The follow-up single, “Strap Me In”, peaked at number 85 on the Hot 100, while reaching number four on the rock chart. The final single, “Coming Up You”, peaked at number 74 on the Hot 100, as well as number 37 on the Hot Adult Contemporary chart. Here are all of Door To Door’s songs ranked.

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11. Ta Ta Wayo Wayo

“A weird title for a song that actually injects some frivolity to this release. In just under three minutes, this song is reminiscent of earlier efforts which instantly makes the listener want to tap fingers and toes. Fun and irreverant.”

10. Everything You Say

“Again Benjamin Orr’s vocals are phenomenal with a sort of country-esque appeal. It is to the Cars’ what “Hot Dog” was to Led Zeppelin. It is right around here that the CD kicks it up a notch. A nice little ditty.”

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9. Fine Line

“Singer Ric Ocasek did a masterful job with this tune. A very mellow song that borders on very dark; it would have been a perfect companion to a “Miami Vice” episode. The conclusion of this song has some crafty yet distinct musicianship. Excellent song. Listen to the subtlety that is Elliott Easton’s guitar. Not flashy, but distinctive. Cool and mature. Sexy, eerie, dark.”

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8. Double Trouble

“The first song on the CD that is delivered with the vocals of Benjamin Orr, this is a terrific song that should be considered among the band’s tightest efforts. For fans of “Shake it Up” think the song “Cruiser” with a bit of a twist. It rocks. The song would be a staple on classic FM radio if it were part of another CD.”

The Cars, led by Baltimore native Ric Ocasek, get another shot at Rock &  Roll Hall of Fame - Baltimore Sun

7. You Are the Girl

“Chosen as the first single to be released, the song was weak compared to previous singles that introduced the band’s other efforts. Perhaps a bit on the mushy side, the song can be somewhat catchy though not sensational. Ric O does the singing.”

6. Leave or Stay

“Perhaps not the best choice for the album’s opener. There were better options to serve that purpose but though not a memorable track it isn’t without merit. Ric O does lead vocals.”

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5. Strap Me In

“Ocasek has a virtual masterpiece with this song. What an outstanding track. A true classic! This should be considered one of the band’s best songs ever but will never get its just rewards because of the lack of support achieved by this CD. This is a crafty song. Listen and enjoy. It is what rock and roll is all about.”

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4. Coming Up You

“Orr’s vocals were impressive here. The song isn’t a classic but it is tough to overlook. While soft in tempo, Orr delivers his usual home run.”

Ric Ocasek, New Wave Rock Visionary and Cars Co-Founder, Dies at 75 - The  New York Times

3. Wound Up on You

“A typical Cars’ love song, this works because of Ocasek’s quirkiness. Very mellow, very charming, very good.. This album has the distinction of being their swan song, and for some reason it didn’t sell all that well at the time.”

2. Go Away

“Perhaps the best choice for the lead single on this album, this song is a steady and solid effort. Orr’s voice is one for the ages. Sadly lost for the future, Orr’s magnitude will never be forgotten and it is on songs like this where he is above the traditional singer.”

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1. Door to Door

” I love this song! The Cars unleashed. The title track is the anti-“Panorama.” Nor is it similar to their other title tracks “Shake it Up,” “Heartbeat City” or “Candy-O.” This is, well, as a DJ once said jokingly “Did the Cars just go heavy metal?” Not quite. But this song is a very different production for the band and it roars with pleasure. It certainly is a very unique effort. The perfect finish for the song, the album and the band — the final sounds are of a door slamming shut. And that was that!”