Enlightened Rogues Songs Ranked

Enlightened Rogues is the sixth studio album by American rock band the Allman Brothers Band. Produced by Tom Dowd, the album was released in February 1979 in the United States by Capricorn Records and PolyGram Records elsewhere. The Allman Brothers Band had broken up in 1976 following internal turmoil, amplified by escalating drug use. The band members splintered into different acts — among those Great Southern, Sea Level, and the Gregg Allman Band. Guitarist Dickey Betts approached his bandmates in 1978 with the prospects of a reunion. After two former members declined to return, they added new members which made it the first to feature guitarist Dan Toler and bassist David Goldflies. Living together in Sarasota, Florida, they rehearsed and wrote the material for their next album in fall 1978. Here are all of Enlightened Rogues songs ranked.

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8. Sail Away

“The final cut Sail Away is a little weak but the Allman’s instrumental touches make it at least listenable. Somehow the idea to end up with two straight soft songs does take a little bit away from the overall effectiveness of the recording.”

7. Need Your Love So Bad

 “Need Your Love So Bad” is to my knowledge a cover of an old blues song but I’d have to look it up to see who wrote the song. Need Your Love So Bad is a nice laid back blues effort.”

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6. Just Ain’t Easy

“Just Ain’t Easy” is also easily one of the best Gregg penned songs on the record. The only Gregg Allman composition was “Just Ain’t Easy.” While it may not be the best song he ever wrote, it is a ballad that represents this era of The Allman Brothers well.”

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5. Pegasus

Pegasus” is an almost prissy instrumental put together by Dickey. It certainly was no In Memory of Elizabeth Reed or even High Falls.” Pegasus is a prime time Allman Brothers instrumental”

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4. Try It One More Time

“The most unique song was “Try It One More Time,” which he wrote with bassist Goldflies. Allman and Betts exchange lead vocals throughout the song, which makes it one of the more unusual ones in its catalogue.”

3. Can’t Take It With You

“Betts ventures into blues territory with “Can’t Take It With You,” which gives both drummers a chance to shine.” My favorite song on the record is Gregg’s Can’t Take It With You. There is a fine live performance of this song on a video from New Jersey from during this tour.”

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2. Blind Love

“The second half kicks off nicely with Blind Love. Love the stining guitar solos which back Greg Allman’s fine vocals.. “Blind Love” features a bluesy vocal by Gregg Allman and driving guitars by Betts and Toler.”

1. Crazy Love

“The opening track Crazy Love just cooks with some killer guitar solos and great vocals by Dickie Betts. The best of the other Betts compositions was the rocker, “Crazy Love,” which became a Top 30 hit single for the band. Betts’ slide guitar and vocal drive the melody along.