Evolution Songs Ranked

Evolution is the fifth studio album by Journey. Released in March 1979 on Columbia Records, their first album to feature drummer Steve Smith. It was the band’s most successful album at that time, selling three million copies in the US and charting at No. 20 on the US Billboard 200 chart. They retained Roy Thomas Baker (best known for his work with Queen) as producer, but drummer Aynsley Dunbar was replaced with Smith, formerly with Ronnie Montrose’s band. Evolution features their first top 20 hit, “Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin'”, which was inspired by the classic Sam Cooke top 20 hit “Nothin’ Can Change This Love” and reached No. 16 in the US. “Just the Same Way” featured original lead vocalist Gregg Rolie along with Steve Perry. Here are all of Evolution songs ranked.

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11. Do You Recall

“The verse melody from “Do You Recall” recalls the days of the Velvet Underground. This is power rock progressive pop exploration that heralds a new advent in what would become called Arena Rock.”

10. Lovin’ You is Easy

“Lovin’ You is Easy” is a nice little inoffensive pop song, only “sort of” memorable. That makes it a highlight. I get the feeling though, that it could have been even better had it not centered around Steve Perry so much.”

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9. City of the Angels

“Supposedly according to a couple comments I read online, “City of the Angels” was a hit song but I honestly don’t recall hearing it before listening to Evolution. I actually like it. The verse melody is pretty cool and features a slightly dark tone, and Perry’s vocals chug along nicely.”

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8. Daydream

“Daydream” unfortunately isn’t as dreamy as you’d expect judging by the song title, but it does offer a fairly different mellow singing approach by Steve Perry. It’s still a bit generic and not nearly as good as anything from the early version of Journey”

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7. Lady Luck

“Lady Luck” features a vocal style from Steve Perry that can best be described as insanely hoarse and high pitched to the absolute max. It’s definitely unique and nothing like his vocal range from the Infinity album (where on there he felt like he was still searching for just the right voice).”

6. Majestic

“Majestic opens the EVOLUTION album with the typical grandeur breath which will typify the Arena Rock album era, especially on Journey albums. It sweeps you along and deposits you directly into the waiting arms of Steve Perry intoning that it is just Too Late! “

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5. Just the Same Way

“On Just The Same Way, Perry knows how to take backup vocals to Journey and make them count with perfect accents. Yes this IS INDEED the Journey that produced INFINITY and yes this album is nearly, not quite but nearly, as good.”

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4. Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’

“It starts slow and soft, at an almost-lumbering pace, which doesn’t exactly set your expectations very high. Then, although the tempo doesn’t change, the song starts to fill out. More instruments come in, the vocals get stronger, the hooks get bigger, and finally Steve Perry sings “now it’s your turn, girl, to cry”…and then we’re treated to one of the best downbeats in the history of pop music.”

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3. Too Late

“Too Late” is pure filler, and it’s inexcusable for an opener to pass by without doing anything interesting. Don’t even try to convince me the chorus from “Too Late” is in the same league as 90% of the ones from previous Journey albums. It definitely serves as a fitting indication what to expect as far as what the rest of the album will be like.”

2. Sweet and Simple

“Sweet and Simple” is definitely simple, but I’m not so sure about the sweet part! A calmly performed ballad that neither excites or irritates me.

1. When You’re Alone (It Ain’t Easy)

“This is a pretty good little song, Journey was a hit for a while. Most of there music sucked, this was one moment of stupid fun and you dont feel to bad after listening to it. As Mellotrons said this is pretty much just pure stupid fun to think about at the bar.”